HIM Previewing New Album Tracks

Love metallers give an early stream of song snippets from their upcoming release "Tears on Tape."

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With April 30 US release of their eight studio album "Tears on Tape" just over a week away, Finnish love metalliers HIM have decided to give fans a preview of all the new tracks.

Right now, five out of 13 song snippets are available for streaming on the album's official website with more to come during the current week, so you might want to stay tuned.

The band has recently also premiered their latest video for the new album title track. Described as "cinematic, odd, left-of-center, and funny," but also "scary, brooding and dark" at the same time by frontman Ville Valo, the "Tears on Tape" video was directed by Stefan Lindfors, who has previously worked with the group on their classic single "Funeral of Hearts" back in 2003.

"The more cinematic it is, the better," Valo tells Artist Direct. "It's about visuals in general. It's about photography. It's about paintings. When you're not too specific with the lyrics, it enables the imagination to do some of the work. I suppose you have to draw the lines between 'A' and 'B' with everything given to you from the get-go. That's important when it comes to music. It's like you're painting with feedback."

HIM are currently busy touring with about 20 live shows ahead of them, including a 6-date US tour at the beginning of May. Their previous studio effort, "Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice," saw its release in February 2010, ultimately spending four weeks at No. 25 on The Billboard 200 chart.

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    I'm not being funny, but all the album tracks are avaliable as previews on Amazon (not that I've listend to them, I like to have a surprise when I get a new album). Once again UG have failed when it comes to HIM
    HIM have just been that band that is always lingering. I do like them a lot, they either have really good lyrics with super fitting music, or ok lyrics really good super fitting music. Like Vampire Heart, those lyrics are awesome.
    I can't decide on this band, I loved Wings of a Butterfly back in the Day, but haven't heard anything significant from them since. This songs okay but am I the only one?
    You're not alone, they've not released anything too note-worthy since the Dark Light album and even that one was weak. Venus Doom wasn't too bad, but since then I just lost interest.
    I thought Venus Doom was their best, simply because it had the heaviest vibe, not to mention the heaviest music. Was not impressed by the video...
    You obviously haven't heard "Greatest Love Songs Volume. 666" if you think that album was heavy. And "666 Ways To Love: Prologue" & "This Is Only the Beginning" were heavy as ****. Great albums.
    Just my personal opinion man, I have heard those albums and while they are good, I just prefer Venus Doom.
    some of their older stuff was great, but i thought there was too much filler, some definite tunes though
    I thought their best album was Love Metal (2004). Check that album out if you want to hear them in their peak before Dark Light became their newly Americanized sound.
    Dark Light was their worst one if you ask me. Love Metal and Venus Doom were great in terms of songwriting and heavy music. The new one's a bit more straight to the point, but at least it's been mixed really heavy with lots of fat guitars and bass. I dig it.