Hollywood Undead Want To Join Forces With Skrillex

artist: Hollywood Undead date: 12/06/2011 category: upcoming releases

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Hollywood Undead Want To Join Forces With Skrillex
Hollywood Undead recently dropped their remix disc "American Tragedy Redux" based off of their successful second studio album "American Tragedy". The band collaborated with numerous artists such as Jonathan Davis of Korn, KMFDM, Andrew W.K., labelmates Borgore and many others. Loudwire.com recently published an interview with Hollywood Undead singer-guitarist Charlie Scene, in which he talked about the remix CD and more. Loudwire also asked him what artist would he want to work with that he hasn't gotten a chance to yet and he told us, "We're friends with Skrillex, who we grew up with, he was one of our first choices to do a remix." Scene goes on to say, "We were gonna have him remix some of our songs but his computer got stolen at the end of one of the shows so he wasn't able to do it, it would be cool to have him." The group might just be a tad jealous of pal Jonathan Davis who got the chance to work with Skrillex for Korn's new album "The Path Of Totality". The members of Hollywood Undead are currently on "The Buried Alive" tour with with their West Coast buddies Avenged Sevenfold with support from Asking Alexandria and Black Veil Brides. For a full list of dates, go here. Thanks for the report to Loudwire.com.
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