How Would You Like to Record an Album With Tony Iommi and Brian May?

Guitar icons giving fans a chance to record music with their idols.

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Metal legend Tony Iommi seems to be in full work mode these days. Apart from ripping it up in the studio with Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler for the first time in 35 years, iconic axeman also found some time for a collaboration with yet another guitar master Brian May of Queen.

The duo is planning to make an album consisting of previously unused riffs that have stacked up over time, but the trick is they'll be recording it with none-other than the fans, giving several lucky applicants a once in a lifetime opportunity to record music with their idols. It all started when May paid Iommi a visit after he was diagnosed with cancer last year.

"When I was first ill, Brian May came to visit me at my house in Lapworth," Iommi tells Birmingham Mail. "I played him some of my stuff, rock riffs that I'd never quite got round to developing, or decided not to use. He said I ought to do something with them."

"It's early days yet, and all my attention is on Sabbath for the foreseeable future, but we may well find some way of working together on them, and making them available in some shape or form."

"One of the ideas we had is that we could make the riffs available, get fans to use them in songs of their own, and see what they come up with. That way they'd effectively be recording with Brian and myself."

May also seems very fond of the whole project, simply describing it as "great."

"I heard some of the hours of unreleased guitar jams Tony has on tapes and hard drives. I thought it would be great to make a compilation out of them."

"The idea was to put all these riffs out in some form so that people could build their own songs from them. You could make your own music with Tony Iommi on guitar! How great is that!"

So although Iommi is fully dedicated to the new Sabbath release, the latest May project just might bring a few more unexpected hits along the way. What is definitely certain is that the new record "13" is set for a June 10 release via Vertigo/Universal Records.

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    I'd be keen on a jam, but I don't have the experience that these masters have! It would be very fun though!
    Wow... No nerves going into that jam session. Who would deem themselves worthy?
    should sound great! although Brian has a very melodic style compared to Iommi's heavy blues licks it should be interesting to say the least. Not sure what the fans would add though, tbh i'd only be really be interested hearing these two masters at work
    Either I'm from the future or this is the second time they've done an article on this.
    Yeah I saw the other one too, this article just seems to give more details and a bit of background.
    Are they looking for bassists and drummers, or are they looking for more guitarists? A 3 way guitar jam sounds kinda wanky
    I can just imagine myself going into that session... "Calm down.. it's not like you're recording with guys who created entire genres singlehandedly. Wait..." And then a fear-seizure.
    Would love to work with Iommi, I don't care about May though but Iommi would be ultra-cool to play with.
    Well I personally wouldn't want to because Iommi is the most overrated guitarist of all time
    That's 2 articles mentioning Iommi that I've seen you hate on. It's not funny, nor rage enticing. Please stop.
    Would be nice to see a young guitarist play with these guys, would be the experience of a lifetime !