I Am Ghost Signed To Epitaph

Epitaph is proud to announce its newest artist signing: I Am Ghost debut EP, We Are Always Searching, set for "All Hallows Eve" release.

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Epitaph is proud to announce the signing of Southern California's explosive, up-and-coming new band, I Am Ghost. Hailing from the suburbs of Long Beach, CA, this ensemble of young, extremely talented musicians with a fetish for vampire movies, Halloween toys, and Stephen King novels have adopted the darker side of contemporary culture as the dictum and basis for their music. The result is one of the most visually engaging, fun, and original new bands to burst upon the scene in quite some time.

Having been a band for only a few months, I Am Ghost entered a local Orange County studio with very little money, but tons of passion and creative determination. The result of these sessions was the highly impressive, self-made We Are Always Searching EP, which lead directly to several sold-out Anaheim shows that caught the attention of Epitaph owner, Brett Gurewitz.

According to Brett: "Believe it or not, I first heard these guys on their Myspace page. Then I took a look at their homemade video, and I was completely blown away. Fearing they were so accomplished that surely they must already be signed, I nevertheless immediately contacted the band; the rest is history. I went to see what turned out to be their fourth show with ten people from the Epitaph office. After the band finished playing, we all looked at each other in awe and disbelief that this could be a band's fourth show. They were that good!"

With their powerful We Are Always Searching EP in place and set for an "All Hallows Eve" release, I Am Ghost will continue to play sporadically around Southern California, all the while writing their first full-length album for release on Epitaph in 2006.

Here is the band's micro site. Videos for "Civil War And Isolation Thirst" are available below.

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