Ian Anderson Introduces New Album In Online Video

artist: Ian Anderson date: 03/17/2014 category: new releases

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Ian Anderson Introduces New Album In Online Video
Jethro Tull mainman Ian Anderson has announced his new solo album via YouTube trailer. Prog is streaming a video in which Mr. Anderson introduces his upcoming solo album "Homo Erraticus" and of its release next month.

It's the third record to feature Gerald Bostock, who first appeared in 1972's Jethro Tull release "Thick as a Brick," then returned in Anderson's "Thick as a Brick 2" in 2012. Prog last month launched a clip from an in-depth interview about the new LP.

"Homo Erraticus" will be released on April 14 in the UK and Europe (April 11 in Germany, April 15 in North America) on Anderson's imprint Calliandra Records via Kscope.

He kicks off an extensive UK tour on April 28, with shows featuring the album in full along with a selection of Jethro Tull classics, updated with video and theatrics.

Watch the video below.

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