Ian Anderson Promises Folk Prog Metal Hybrid Album

Singer is unsure whether it will be Jethro Tull album or solo release.

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Ian Anderson has announced that he is working on a new album, which he plans to release in 2014. Anderson has detailed the material in a new blog-post on the Jethro Tull website. As the singer notes, he is currenlty unsure whether it will be a solo album, or a Jethro Tull release:

"As some of you may know, a new album is in the works for recording in December/Jan. The release of this new concept album (no I am NOT going to tell you the title) is scheduled for Easter 2014 ... 'Is this to be an Ian Anderson album or a Jethro Tull album,' I hear you ask? Not sure, really, I reply, if somewhat evasively...

"But I wrote the music in January and did the demos in February and it just requires a few tweaks by my old chum, lyricist Gerald B to have it all locked down and ready for rehearsal beginning 25th November at 10.00 sharp."

The singer and flautist has also noted that the record will be much heavier than the band's last album, "Thick as a Brick 2":

"Much less acoustic guitar from me and more flute and heavier guitar sounds. Folk prog metal, you might say, if you were desperately searching for a descriptive term. There are lots of dynamics and varied tempos and keys throughout its lengthy 55 mins. But since it was demoed all on acoustic guitar in a Barbados hotel room, it doesnt quite sound like that at the moment. But trust me! I know exactly what I am doing.

"But then again, knowing me (as I am learning to do), I might just scrap it all and start afresh."

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    Love this guy. So much fun and down to earth. All the metalheads who shun Jethro Tull because of the Grammy thing a few years back really dont know what they're missing.
    I've always thought Jethro Tull was pretty much a folk prog metal band... I mean they've always had a lot of those elements in their songs. They'd do some acoustic folky stuff, but they go into a blazing rocker like Aqualung which is pretty much early prog metal.
    I remember Jethro Tull and Bruce doing songs together for a Live performance at the Canterbury Cathedral if i recall right and those were amazing. I would love to see the two of them work together on an album to be honest. I mean Bruce Dickinson From Iron maiden that is!
    Who the **** is Ian Anderson, and why would Jethro Tull release a solo album, since his name is Jethro Tull?
    Jethro Tull's solo stuff is amazing, but requires a dimensional rift to access
    Isn't that confusing, naming your band after yourself, and releasing solo albums.under the same name?!?
    thats hilarious, i'm in a band now thats doing folk and prog... O_o good to see we aren't the only ones Laughing Grandmasters for anyone whos interested, we have a little facebook page and some strange songs. no folk has been posted yet
    Great news! For me his recent record (TAAB2) was by far the best album of 2012. Excellent songwriter, excellent musician, a true living legend.
    Nice. Always thought Tull was somewhat underrated. A lot of my musical friends don't really listen/know of them but they've made some great stuff.
    I was pleasantly surprised by TAAB2, I've heard other rumours of a TAAB3 in the works. Hopefully this album will be with Tull
    I clicked it cus he looks like John Locke in the picture. Tull are friggin awesome, always will be.
    I listen to Tull all the the time. That reminds me...I need to get their Christmas album.