Imagine Dragons Enter Studio to Record New Album: 'We Have a Lot of Growth to Do'

"Music is our passion, it's our love," frontman Dan Reynolds says.

Ultimate Guitar

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds has confirmed that the band has entered studio to work on their new album, a follow-up to massively successful "Night Vision" debut from 2012.

"We're in the studio right now," he told Artisan News. "I just flew in from Vegas, we bought a house, renovated it and kinda brought in our own gear. It's just very refreshing to take some time off the road and write.

"It's funny because I never stopped writing," Dan continued. "When I was on the road - I'm really not a big nightlife person, I'm really staying in and writing. It's been a lot of inspiration through the whirlwind ... Music is our passion, it's our love."

In conclusion, the frontman added, "I feel like we have a lot of growth to do as a band, we're still young."

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    More 2010s pop choruses and autotune. SO good rock 'n roll!
    Where does the article mention rock n roll?
    People keep trying to say Imagine Dragons are a rock band, which is a symptom of what's wrong with rock nowadays (ie people don't know the difference between pop with instruments and rock). So it's more kneejerk reaction than anything said in the article.
    yeah, it seems like people don't quite understand term rock n roll nowadays
    Rock and Roll to most people these days is just Indie Hipster pop. Ozzy said they cant kill Rock and Roll its here to stay!
    matteo cubano
    do they have a lot of auto tune? i never noticed any
    And if they do, they use it live, too, because even though I don't really like them, he sings better live than he does on the album.
    I am one of those odd men out on this site. I love Imagine Dragons. Yeah, its pop. So what? Pop doesn't mean bad. In most cases pop IS bad but because something is pop doesn't make it bad. I wasn't a huge fan of theirs until I saw them live. My wife loved them so for Xmas last year I got her and I tickets to go (only fair. I have drug her to many a metal show) and I was blown away by their performance. Excited to see what they do next.
    Their Night Visions tour was AMAZING. I'm a huge fan of these guys, and the energy and sound they pull off and the connection they have with their audience blew me away.
    We saw the Into The Night Tour. They sold out Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Not a lot of bands do that these days and for them to have the 1 full LP and a handful of EP's and do it was pretty amazing. Loved that show. 12/10 would see them again.
    I agree. Their songs really didnt do me anything at first but Demons and Radioactive are great songs. That whole album is great. And I notice no autotune on the vocals.
    "Ultimate Guitar", not "Ultimate Rock 'n Roll", or as many members of the site believe it to be "Ultimate METAL!!!!!". These guys play guitar. Nut up or shut up.
    Bruh. Check out the end of Friction, I'm So Sorry, the Clouds solo, the Uptight solo, the Battle Cry chorus, etc. Imagine Dragons isn't really pop...
    They definitely need to grow into a better band. "Hey you know what's cool, repetitive arena rock that only showcases the vocalists ability and doesn't sound anything like a band collaborating ideas" I smell another grammy!!
    for real tho, has anyone ever heard anything in their music other than the vocals and someone beating the s*** out of the drums? Hard to believe they actually have a "guitarist," let alone other band members
    I know this comment is a year and a half old, but listen to the guitar solo on Warriors or the live version of Radioactive. Their guitarist is actually very good, but the songs he is featured in aren't the popular ones.
    If anything I'm pretty entertained by this band's ability to majorly piss off UG by the mere mention of their name.
    What a ****ing stupid band name. Never heard of these twats but the next time I do, I hope it's about them quitting.
    When I see Dragon in the name of a band I expect power metal not mediocre indie-sort-of-dance-rock .
    You really like to defend this band, do they pay you tothart criticism or something?
    Why do people dislike this band so much?
    Overplayed pop rock
    I don't understand how that's their fault really though...
    It's not their fault for being overplayed, it's not even really their fault for being shitty. But both are true.
    Really the only people at fault are the people giving them grammies and calling them a rock band.
    Yeah, I guess I've just never understood why a band gets hate for being too "poppy" or "not real rock" when they probably didn't come out and explicitly give themselves that title. If they are popular and people like them, then they are doing something right, just leave it at that and if you don't like their music, don't listen to it haha.
    and my mystical master josh homme said so.
    Yeah because the whole reason I dislike Imagine Dragons is because Homme said they sucked. I love Homme, but he is nothing if not two things: 1) kind of an *******, and 2) far from the absolute authority on what qualifies as good music. QOTSA has had some really terrible opening acts (for example, the Moist Boys).
    What's there to like? They sound like another boring ass pop band to me. What about their music can even be considered "rock"? (Hint: simply using an occasional guitar in your music does not make you rock.)
    I haven't listened to much of them, but I like everything I've heard from them. Why's everyone so mad about them? I don't care if it's pop, rock, pop rock, or whatever. It's just good music. I think they're doing a lot of things different from most mainstream acts out there.
    Might not be as heavy as Slayer but still some of the best new mainstream stuff out there at the moment. Support the things closest to what you want to hear and things might just start slipping that way.
    Holy shit, did you just compare Imagine Dragons to Slayer? ROFL.
    No. He contrasted Imagine Dragons to Slayer, literally the opposite of what you said.
    Why pick Slayer though? They're two completely different bands with completely different styles. Just a really really odd statement to make.
    Since Slayer is one of the heaviest bands that even the youngest metalheads will know and his statement said "Not as heavy as Slayer" I think it gets his point across really well. Also, you are an idiot.
    Maybe they'll evolve from "Wooo ooooo ooooo" to " oh oh woo woo oo".. there's a lot of places to take that new genius idea. "everyone seems to be doing but pretending like they have no idea that everyone else does it" method
    I feel like we have a lot of growth to do as a band A-f*cking-men
    Memory In Death
    I hope their next album is dark. I expected Night Visions to be a dark album after listening to Radioactive and judging by the cover-art. But it kinda let me down.
    Yeah because Radioactive is such a dark song. NIN, look out.
    Memory In Death
    I'm a huge NIN fan. I have Trent's whole discography (studio albums). And Radioactive is actually a dark song, the theme and stuff.
    It's decent music, so what if it's not "SUPER XTREME METAL!!1!1!!", it's not like they're claiming to be. If you're rejecting a band or artist for being mainstream then you're no better then the so-called "sheep" that you think you're above. I don't think they're anything groundbreaking but their songs are decently written, performed, and I'd prefer it over that "I'M SO FANCEEHHH" shit any day. Long story short, grow up, because as much as I love it, rock isn't the only type of music in the world.
    I feel sorry for these guys. Hitting the same big drum over and over again has got to be tiring musically.
    Their first album was pretty good. They have good songs on there (aka: not the ones on the radio people judged on).
    I don't want to hate on this band, but i'm just disappointed that this band is considered a "rock" band by today's standards. That's pretty sad.
    I literally do not understand how anyone can actually enjoy this band's music. I LOVE a good deal of "pop" music, if it's good it's good, but their music legitimately terrible, objectively speaking. Not even "easy listening"!
    a lot of 4 cords songs well done ....
    how many chords should i use to write a good song? if i use like 8 or 10 chords would it be really awesome then?
    It's not about how many chords you use really, a lot of pop bands like imagine dragons use the same 4 chords over and over again though and that is what he is referring too.
    I don't care if they're called rock, because we know they are pop, but it doesn't mean they aren't terrible. There is good music that falls under pop, and Imagine Dragons aren't in this category.
    And i might get some shit for this because this has nothing to do with "the music" but I'm tired of religious bands and religion in general..