In Flames Kick Off New Album Writing

Swedish metallers announce new record writing process.

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Swedish metallers In Flames have officially announced the beginning of the new album writing process, sharing their excitement with the fans via Facebook.

"So the writing for the new album has begun. Excited?" stated the brief post. The group also shared a photo of what might seem as part of a recording session, featuring Gibson Les Paul guitar in focus behind a recording track.

Back in late May, In Flames confirmed that they will be taking a year off the road in order to give the new material their full attention. With only a handful of live dates remaining until mid-August, it would seem that everything is heading along as planned.

"We have to do another record; well, don't have to, it sounds like [I'm being punished], but I really enjoy that process," guitarist Bjorn Gelotte told KQXR 100.3 the X Rocks. "It kind of sucks a bit because I really like touring here, have a lot of friends over here and there's a lot of people coming out to the shows. It's gonna be sad to go home, but we know we're going to be back and do it the next, I don't know, 25 years."

The latest In Flames studio effort, "Sounds of a Playground Fading," saw its release back in June 2011 via Century Media Records as the band's tenth studio effort, landing at No. 27 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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    Just my $0.02, but I have been listening to Colony so much lately. An absolutely cracking album.
    I don't get the dislike of 'new IF'. I loved SOAPF. And I'm very keen for this.
    It was too different from their old stuff for some, almost all clean vocals and synths everywhere with big choruses and such. If you listen to The Jester Race and then SOAPF they sound like they're from different bands. Myself, I really liked SOAPF, but A Sense of Purpose was pretty weak until the last five tracks or something, although the bonus tracks were great. I hope this one is a bit heavier than SOAPF, and more like Colony/Clayman or those ASOP bonus tracks. But whatever they do, as long as they don't incorporate dubstep elements in their songs I think I'll like it
    I love all of their albums, they continue to do good work imo. Sure their core sound has changed but most bands that have played together for so long ultimately evolve. As musicians they have to do so in order to remain passionate about what they do. So hoping for yet another set of awesome songs from these guys!
    Okay, here's to hoping that, even though I don't dislike the "new" In Flames - just prefer their older sound - In Flames pulls a Children of Bodom and kicks all the nay-sayers butts this time around In Flames we trust!
    I don't have any hope for this album, but I'll give it a shot. Maybe Engelin can give them the kick in the ass they need to make another good record.
    hopefully it's better than "playground" that album was definitely lacking production-wise and musically.
    I disagree with the musically part. I thought there were a few weak songs but overall it was good album. I would also add that the vocals weren't that great either but I still listen to it often.
    Agreed. Anders did great on some of the softer tracks, and we saw a new side of IF.
    I personally felt like they could have done better, it felt a little rushed to me. Like we were getting 90% of what was intended
    Sweet! I wouldn't call them one of my favorite bands but they definitely are in my regular rotation. I thought SOAPF was pretty good so this shouldn't be half bad either.
    Looking forward to their new material!Cant wait to see them again.They will be Bjorn again on the next album.