Incubus Singer Brandon Boyd Finishes Solo Album

artist: Incubus date: 03/13/2013 category: new releases
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Incubus Singer Brandon Boyd Finishes Solo Album
While Incubus are on hiatus, the band members have been keeping busy recently. Billboard caught up with vocalist Brandon Boyd who revealed that he just completed his second solo album. "I wrote it and recorded it with Brendan O'Brien," says Boyd who is currently in the process of securing a record label on which to release it. The plan, according to Boyd, is to release the project sometime this summer. "I'm ready for it to come out now but there is all this logistical stuff that has to take place before it can come out. That part kind of sucks," he joked. As far as what fans can expect, Boyd gave Billboard his "literal description" of how he would explain the record: "It's awesome. When you hear it, you'll probably be reminded of sailors riding unicorns and unicorns farting beautiful gift making elves and things like that rainbows, pots of gold... stuff like that." Following the album's release, Boyd says he will most likely go out on a solo tour. He told that he'd love to share the stage with The Rolling Stones or U2, adding that he is anxious to get out on the road. "I'll open for anybody. I'll play for anybody... whoever will have me." In addition to his personal projects, Boyd says that the Incubus hiatus is giving his fellow bandmates a chance to pursue things they've had on the backburner: "I know that Chris Kilmore has been doing a lot of DJ gigs and has been making a name for himself doing so. Mike Einziger just scored an independent film that's coming out this week I think. Ben Kenney is making another solo record on the east coast. Everyone is keeping busy."
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