Inhale Exhale: Recording Dates For New Album

artist: Inhale Exhale date: 11/29/2007 category: new releases

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Inhale Exhale, the metal band from Canton, Ohio, have been writing new songs for quite some time now, and have released the details on when they will begin to put their music back into the studio. On December 3rd of 2007, Inhale Exhale will be heading to the studio to record their newest album (name not yet released) and have announced that depending on when they have finished recording, the album will be put out some time in early 2008. Also, since the loss of Brad Pittman, they have now hired a new bass player who makes his first Inhale Exhale appearence in the video for "Call To The Faithful". As we all ainxiously wait for the release of their new album, check out "The Lost, The Sick, And The Sacred" in stores now.
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