'Introducing Morrissey' to Be Released on DVD for the First Time

The concert film was originally released in 1995.

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In addition to prepping a new studio album, Morrissey has been visiting his back catalog as of late. Recently, as Consequence of Sound notes, he's reissued a number of his solo albums, including "Your Arsenal" and "Vauxhall and I." Now, he's announced the first-ever DVD release of his concert film "Introducing Morrissey."

Originally released in 1995, the film features footage from Moz's UK tour in support of "Vauxhall and I." According to True to You, the DVD version will be available in September through Parlophone UK.

Below, check out a clip from the film as well as the full tracklist.

"Introducing Morrissey" tracklist:

01. Billy Budd
02. Have-a-Go Merchant
03. Spring-Heeled Jim
04. You're the One for Me, Fatty
05. The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get
06. Whatever Happens, I Love You
07. We'll Let You Know
08. Jack the Ripper
09. Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself
10. The National Front Disco
11. Moon River
12. Hold on to Your Friends
13. Boxers14. Now My Heart Is Full15. Speedway

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    It's weird. I clicked this article thinking I knew who this guy was, and realised that I only know him as the lead singer of The Smiths. I don't recognise any of the songs or either of the albums mentioned in the article, which means one of three things: 1) My musical knowledge has a gap that should be filled. 2) This person's fame is restricted to a certain time and place, and I happen not have been present in that time or place; or, 3) This person's fame is dependent upon the work he did prior to 'going solo', and we only see him pop in music news feeds because occasionally there's no news, so ... Morrissey. I'm going to spend some time on YouTube to see which it is.
    Yeah, five songs was enough. Even if I'd enjoyed them, I'm not sure I could recommend buying a DVD of a concert where 90% of the footage is the one dude singing under deep blue lighting. Even if you think it's worth listening to, it's not really worth watching. Apparently concerts have come a long way visually since 1995.
    C-C Beatroot
    During His time with the Smiths Moz was a bit of a media darling, often on the cover of the NME and stuff. While His solo work was sort-of well received at first, allegations of racism were thrown at Him because of songs like Bengali In Platforms, Asian Rut and The National Front Disco (they're not very racist) and appearing at a Madness-curated festival with a UK flag draped around Him (a year before Oasis were hailed as British heroes doing the same thing). "It's all a stitch-up!" little Steven cries to this day. Although His solo material features some of His best songwriting, the ones who once had Him on a pedestal, put Him in the pillory for all this and He was pretty much blacklisted, in the UK at least, until 2004 when He rolled the big stone away from the cave He was in and gave us You Are The Quarry. . This DVD would be released to coincide with the remastered reissued repackaged re-release of Vauxhall & I, recorded around the same time. V&I is regarded as His solo masterpiece but if you ask me (yes you did) I like Viva Hate best, if you're looking for further listening.
    and the fact that he's an ****ing twat, especially what he said after the Breivik massacre.
    C-C Beatroot
    I don't agree with what he said but I can understand where he's coming from. It makes me sad, he's such a sweet person inside but people like you only know him from his controversial outspoken comments; it was quite an awful way of putting it but I appreciate how strongly he feels for animals, if you view animals as completely equal to humans then I'm sure you would be quite upset at the massive industrial slaughter of them for our fast food? But I love KFC.
    actually The Smith's are one of my favorite alt-rock bands but Morissey is on Varg levels of being a piece of shit human being.
    You might as well consider plantlife, and insects equal as well because they're all sentient as well. Seriously studies who they respond to many different things including music. We just don't understand how it works is all. I don't appreciate any of his bullcrap vegan dialog, we're all animals and guess what other carnivores and omnivores do? Eat other animals, and they often slowly torture there prey out of enjoyment. The real shame is the people who waste mass amounts of food like corporations including produce and proteins.