Iron Maiden: New 'Best Of' Scheduled For May Release

artist: Iron Maiden date: 03/16/2011 category: new releases
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Iron Maiden: New 'Best Of' Scheduled For May Release
Hot on the tail of Their Somewhere Back In Time 1980-1989 compilation that was released last year, Iron Maiden have announced that the latter half of their career will also be chronicled in a greatest hits format. From Fear To Eternity is scheduled for release on May 23rd (May 24th in the US) and features a selection of cuts from the albums released by the band between 1990 and 2010. The Tracklisting, according to is as follows: Disc 1 01. The Wicker Man 4.36 02.Holy Smoke 3.49 03.El Dorado 6:49 04.Paschendale 8.28 05.Different World 4.19 06.Man On The Edge (LIVE) 4.40 07.The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg 7.22 08.Blood Brothers 7.14 09.Rainmaker 3.49 10.Sign of the Cross (LIVE) 10.49 11.Brave New World 6.19 12.Fear Of The Dark (LIVE) 7.41 Disc 2 01. Be Quick Or Be Dead 3.24 02.Tailgunner 4.15 03.No More Lies 7.22 04.Coming Home 5.52 05.The Clansman (LIVE) 9.06 06.For the Greater Good of God 9.25 07.These Colours Don't Run 6.52 08.Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter 4.44 09.Afraid to Shoot Strangers 6.57 10.Dance of Death 8.36 11.When the Wild Wind Blows 11.02 The compilation will only feature cuts recorded by Bruce Dickinson during this period. No tracks from the X-Factor or Virtual XI albums which featured vocalist Blaze Bayley have been included. The Clansman and Man On The Edge, the only songs on the compilation that were written during the Bayley period, are presented as live versions and feature Dickinson's vocals. Iron Maiden are currently on their Final Frontier Tour, which is set to conclude in the UK, this August. Meanwhile, it has been announced that the group's former vocalist Paul Di'Anno will be facing jail time after having been found guilty of benefit fraud. Di'Anno who had claimed over 40,000 in benefits because of a bad back, was caught when recent videos of his energetic live performances surfaced on Youtube.
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