Iron Maiden Releases New Tour Documentary

Band posts footage from Eurppean leg of Maiden England tour.

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As Classic Rock reports, Iron Maiden have released a 10 minute documentary featuring footage from the European leg of their recent Maiden England tour. The film features interview footage with the band and their crew, backstage scenes, as well as concert footage from a number of different shows. You can check it out below.

Maiden have recently been having success both in and outside of the world of rock. The band recently topped Billboard's Hot Tours list, beating competition from the likes of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. They also recently sold over one million pints of their new beer, called "Trooper." On the success of the drink, Robinsons Brewery Managing Director a had the following to say:

"We are amazed to reach this mark in such a short time, a million pints already is way ahead of all rational expectations, and are grateful for the support we have had from the retailers, Maiden fans, real ale enthusiasts, our distributors and the beer trade generally as they were so quick to catch on to the genuine and unique quality of this beer."

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    I'm going to be depressed when they retire.
    I'm sure there'll be 20 more live albums and DVDs and documentaries after they retire Besides, they look like they'll still be up for it a little longer.
    I will most likely cry when they retire. I have been following them since the early 80's and there is no other band to take their place.
    Saw them back in May and it was just brilliant, the band's in terrific shape and Bruce's voice sounds better than 25 years ago! I blew my voice on this gig and couldn't talk properly for 2 days by making the "mistake" of singing every single part!