Iron Maiden to Release Album in 2014

The band plan to return to the studio soon, aiming for a 2014 release with their 16th studio album.

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Iron Maiden are planning to enter the studio to record a new album, according to a new interview with Bruce Dickenson.

The interview in Swedish magazine Talarforum says the band are planning for a 2014 release for their new album. It will be their first LP since 2010's "The Final Frontier," their 15th studio release.

In the same interview, Bruce Dickenson told the story of how he went from being homeless with only £10 ($15) to singing with Iron Maiden as a career. Walking around with only a suitcase and looking for a bench to sleep on, Bruce decided to spend the last of his money on a few beers at a rock club:

"I ran right into an old friend that I have been playing in a band with," said Bruce (via a translation from the original Swedish article.) "After living with him for a week, I ran into a couple of other buddies and then floated on like that until I started singing in Iron Maiden."

"What then seemed to be an almost insignificant decision turned out, in retrospect, to be a real milestone. You have to take risks in order to take responsibility for their lives and do not get caught in hopeless situations."

What do you hope to hear from a new Iron Maiden album? Let us know in the comments.

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    Face R1pper
    I think the Final Frontier almost perfected their recent progressivish direction. I'm kind of hoping they'll go back to a Seventh Son-style power metal album. I'm getting tired of hearing people complain about the clean intro/clean outro formula, and now that they perfected it I think its time to move onto something else.
    Holy sh*t, even before the most anticipated releases of 2013 have started to come, Iron Maiden already sets the expectations for 2014... looking forward so much to this. I agree with Face R1pper, though, they've pretty much taken the musical style of their latest four albums as far as it can go, for their last few albums it would be cool if they went for more of a classic Somewhere in Time/Seventh Son type of style and songwriting. I think that would freshen up their musical direction and give their career a good finish.
    I think it'd be ****in awesome if they did a complete 180 and released something similar to Number of the Beast/Piece of Mind/Powerslave stuff. I know that's not their style as of late, but it'd kick a lot of ass regardless.
    taipan 18
    iron maiden is the best, last time they showed up in japan a teenage girl said when i grow up i want to be steve harris daughter
    Final Frontier was good, although I thought it would have been a nice finish.
    good album yes but definitely not one to finish on. In an ideal world I would expect them to finish on another Number of the Beast type album or going full circle back to Running Free
    Way Cool JR.
    Maiden will always rule! I can't wait for the album I'm sure it will be great. Up the Irons!!
    Anybody hear that Space Truckin' cover Iron Maiden did in 2008? I'd love to hear Bruce try and do some high pitched screams like he used to do back in the day! In any case, the releases of the 2000's keep getting better and better... I can't wait!
    To answer the question at the end of the article, rather than respond to some of the utterly idiotic comments already posted, I want to hear some slightly shorter, 'The Trooper'-esque tracks as well as the 8-or-9-minute epics. The last 2 albums were great, especially 'TFF' ('The Talisman' is possibly my favourite ever Maiden track), but I think mixing it up a bit more would be just dandy.
    I wish they'd go back to the style of Number-Powerslave with slightly short songs with more emphasis on heavy metal, rather than progressive metal. I'm tired of ten 8 minute songs that start slowly and end slowly with the same gallop in the middle.
    Since when did Bruce Dickinson become a ginger? I think UG needs to fix the outer image.
    I'd like to hear more progressive style in the new one. I really like what they did in 'A matter of life and death' an underrated album in my opinion
    The icon for this article on the previous page is a picture of Megadeth. Classic UG
    I love Maiden and AMOLAD is one of my favorites by them, but they are getting a bit formulaic. I hope the next album is more spontaneous like the classic stuff.
    This band is still relevant?
    Iron Maiden are among the greatest of forces in heavy metal music. They're still going strong after 37 years, and even after 15 studio albums in they continue to write innovative, strong pieces of music and have released some of the longest songs/albums of their career over the past decade and a half. It just goes to show they're still 100% dedicated to their craft, which is much more than you can say for most 30+ year old heavy metal bands today. It isn't Iron Maiden that is irrelevant, but it is your comment that is.
    39 dislikes, this guy's opinion must be pretty wrong
    I wish one more person disliked it before I did so I could have been the 200th person to legitimize the fact that Ultimet is one hurting unit
    I do love Iron Maiden, but the last album of theirs I've thoroughly enjoyed was Brave New World. I definitely agree that they are still relevant but I doubt they will ever release another masterpiece. On a related note, their last couple of album covers have been pretty ugly. I prefer old school Eddie - for example, Live After Death is a wicked cover.
    von gelb
    Listen to A Matter of Life and Death a few times, I didn't think much of it the first time I heard it but now I think it's maybe even better than Brave New World.
    Actually, I agree that Brave New World is their best album recently, because it's just packed with great songs. AMOLAD and FF were very good albums, and Dance of Death was a bit hit and miss, but Brave New World is one of Maiden's best releases. I also agree about the artwork- DoD was shoddy, FF really isn't great (when did Eddie grow fangs and get the lobotomy in PoM undone?). However, I do really like the AMOLAD artwork, it's pretty awesome. As long as Maiden don't put out another X Factor/ Virtual XI, which they'll never do with Bruce at the helm, I'll be happy to hear the new album. Up The Irons!
    I really couldn't get into FF, loved BNW and AMOLAD. DoD had a bunch of great tracks, but FF I felt dragged on with subpar riffs (this opinion could be due to me becoming obsessed with prog). Regardless, still stoked to see what comes out in 2014!
    Funny thing is: X Factor was the last great Iron Maiden Albumn. And AMOLAD was basically a revisit of X Factor... People dismiss it just beacuse it wasn't Bruce in the vocals, but he would ruin that albumn. The lyrics are often great (maybe 2 AM is a bit cheesy, but it's probably a consequence from the Fear of The Dark's lyrics) and the songs are very different from what you would expect from Maiden, but still, it was the last time they got really creative with their sound.
    u sir ezkamenrider, are just ****ed X Factor was HORRIFIC. i can see better looking shit comn out of my own ass
    X Factor is really good album, like anyone of Maidens albums. Its just his opinion and I think that he has in something truth.
    I agree on B N W it showed that excitement of gettin back to what really matters, even the video of the Wicker Man was the best video ever
    Mr Winters
    This band will never stop being relevant. Like it or not they are one of the biggest bands of any genre in history, deal with it.
    One of the greatest bands to ever exist? Yes, they're still relevant. Idiot.
    Guns N' Chains
    You can't call yourself a Rock or Metal fan without AT LEAST respecting Iron Maiden. Whether you are or not, you just disrespected the greatest Heavy Metal band of all-time.
    *clears throat* Do you find yourself...only listening to vinyls? Vinyls that...have only sold no more than five-thousand copies?
    Pablo Mortis
    You know how they have the Gold Medal for the person with the most up-votes? Does anyone else think it'd be amusing to have a huge steaming turd for the guy with the most down-votes? Just Saying xD
    This is very quickly becoming the most down-voted comment in UG history, congratulations on that I guess.
    How the hell could Iron Maiden not be relevant? They'll still be relevant 100 years from now! You can't kill a legend!!!
    I signed in on here just to give you another negative comment. Iron Maiden, along with every other big band that came before them, are directly responsible for having influenced hundreds of thousands of bands after them, if not more. There was not a guitar duo that could beat the pairing of Murray and Smith. Bruce was and still is one of the best singers, along with one of the best frontmen in the world. Harris is one of the world's best recent songwriters I've ever heard. Nicko at his age makes drummers half his age and less sound old, untalented and uninspired. You're a fool for not recognizing the band's contribution to music, along with each individual member's.