Jack Osbourne Filming Black Sabbath 'Behind-The-Scenes'

Ozzy roped his son Jack into filming their studio recording sessions, which could lead to a behind-the-scenes documentary.

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It turns out that the camera man behind the recent Black Sabbath studio footage is none other than Ozzy's son Jack Osbourne.

Ozzy convinced him to get behind the lens a chronicle the making of Black Sabbath's "13", according to the Sun. It is their first album in decades, which is set for release in June.

In the video, Sabbath members talk about the significance of their reunion after so long. Osbourne calls it "quite possibly the most important album of my career."

"It's got to this time where we can't leave it any longer. If we leave it any longer it'll be too late," says guitarist Tony Iommi, who is recovering from cancer treatment after being diagnosed with lymphoma in early 2012.

Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilks has replaced original drummer Bill Ward, who refused to join the reunion after a contractual dispute.

Watch Jack Osbourne's behind-the-scenes look at Black Sabbath recording "13" here:

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    Rick Rubin better not do to this what he did to Death Magnetic... **** the loudness war!
    Rubin wasn't responsible for the death magnetic issues, the tracks were recorded well just ruined by Greg Fidelman's assery. See how he sucked the life out of High on Fires last record for reference.
    He actually did a great job doing it! I just wish he didn't cut the new songs when the band was about to play it in the vid!
    any reason to put that video in an article
    do you want to see one almond? http://onealmond.com
    thank you man, i needed that. i was in pain and you felt that, so you decided to do the only thing you could do that would stop that pain. you are an angel.
    Probably the only job the fat **** can get.
    Have you not seen Jack in the past... 5 years or so?! Is it just me or is UG re-releasing articles every 3 days or so witha different title.
    Sheep Shagger
    Jack did a great job directing Ozzy's documentary and the video for 'Life Won't Wait'. Hopefully the behind-the-scenes video is good too!