Jack White: 12 Songs Ready For Second Album

Jack White's solo debut just came out this week, but the indie guitar star already has his eyes set on the follow-up.

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Jack White's solo debut, "Blunderbuss" just came out this week, but apparently the indie guitar star already has his eyes set on the follow-up. White spoke about his stash of new tunes.

"We had enough for an album at one point, but I just kept going I've got another 12 songs that I haven't finished yet " he said.

White is promoting "Blunderbuss" with a big tour, which he said is allowing him to perform all sorts of different material.

"There's songs that White Stripes never really played live, or Raconteurs never really got that into, or songs that I brought to the table in a band songs like "Buffalo" and now I can elaborate on them" he said, before clarifying that the tour has nothing to do with nostalgia. "It needs to be alive in the moment. It has to be something new to everybody on stage, it can't be some recreation of something from years ago. I don't wanna waste my time doing that".

In other news, White appeared on Radio 4's Today show (April 26) to discuss his new album "Blunderbuss" and took the opportunity to state his belief that many song writers today write too much about themselves and not about characters.

"If you ask a group of 100 kids today to write a song, 99 of them will write about themselves, about their own experiences," he said. Adding: "If you did that 100 years ago, 99 of those kids would have written about a fire or a mining disaster. I think nowadays if a person says 'I' in the song, we're trained to think that's who they're talking about".

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    We had enough for an album at one point, but I just kept going Ive got another 12 songs that I havent finished yet " he said.
    So they're not ready for another album, are they UG? He hasn't finished them. However, Blunderbuss is awesome. Listen to Sixteen Saltines and I'm Shakin'. They're my favourite.
    A few years ago, Jack White challenged musicians to write and release as much music as possible. Then he looked in the mirror and said "challenge accepted!" This man is amazing. Puts out quantity and quality all the same, truly a blessed man.
    Listened to the entire disc through cans last night and it's one of the first records, in a long time, that once it finished playing I immediately said "That's a friggin' monster record right there!" Stoked to hear he's going to continue on his solo venture, although that probably wasn't so much an if, as it was a when. Also, +1 for his stance on touring. I love a live show, but during the Big 4 in Indio, I spent 90% of Metallica's set smirking/laughing at how they hadn't changed their stage show AT ALL (ok, they changed the set for the better) from the Big 4 DVD released ~6 months prior. Everything was so predictable, it was sad.
    Put it out, I'll buy it. Be the first person ever to release two albums in a month.
    Solo album is goddamn awesome. I can't wait to get the chance to see him live - especially after him talking about playing WS/TR/DW songs! A second album next year or the year after would be amazing.
    Jack White is such a hard working musician, i hope if there is a second album there is more guitar based songs ala sixteen saltines although the piano tracks on blunderbuss were good.