Jack White Announces New Album 'Lazaretto,' Confirms Release Date, Streaming First Single

Record due on June 10, check out "High Ball Stepper" inside.

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Jack White has officially confirmed June 10 as the release date of his new solo record "Lazaretto."

Due via Third Man Records and Columbia, the album was announced with "High Ball Stepper" single, a blazing instrumental interlaced with captivating piano parts. Stream it below, now.

Rolling Stone delved into the album's title, sharing an interesting history of the word "Lazaretto" in the English dictionary.

As the explanation reads, the word first appeared in mid-16th century with William Thomas' "The Historie of Italie." The scholar wrote about a house two miles from Venice, called the Lazaretto "where people struck with plague are cared for."

As the report further notes, "the term is a corruption of the name of that original building, a converted monastery located on an island outside Venice that reopened as Santa Maria di Nazareth in 1423."

Album pre-orders will kick off on April 30, more info here.

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    Some of the sounds he has created in this track are just orgasmic. Hat off to you sir.
    The song is great but I don't care for the video. It'd be cool for some shots but an entire video of vibrating starch, water and food coloring?? Come on... this is just my opinion, the man obviously has worlds more creativity than I do.
    Personally, I think the music video works perfectly for the type of song that it is.
    I feel Jack is the leader of the group that says "F*** you to mainstream music". Standing on top of a barrier with his middle finger up. Can't express how excited I am for this album.
    That would make a pretty badass album cover though, don't ya think?
    Jack once said that every song he wrote was a blues song.Can't wait for the record and this track sounds pretty good! And the way he uses a slide.. dam
    I can hear it. He's one of the few who never disappoints, if you're into that kind of music. I'd like to know where he comes up with these akward song titles though.
    This song is as if Jack put the last 20 years of his creative efforts on the tip of a spear and drove it into my skull.
    Does the Blues without sounding too derivative. Rare nowadays. Awesome.
    Being a songwriter myself, I've come to really like his lyrics, but the instrumental has me excited all the same. I don't wanna wait two more months for this!
    What is that sound that sounds like a highpitched voice? The rest of the song is great but that part was annoying.
    Jack white in my opinion is thee best thing in music today. Cannot wait for this album. I've already downloaded and am already jamming along to this song
    Okay, how does this vault thing work? I REALLY want the limited edition, but it wants me to sign up for some website for 60 ****ing dollars.. What the hell? <.<
    You sign up (costs me $80) and four times a year Third Man Records ships you a vault package, which is only available once. It's a quarterly subscription, so you pay for each package. If you just want the one package, just cancel the subscription afterwards. You aren't paying to sign up for some site, you're paying for the vault package, which includes the actual physical records as well as access to the vault section on the TMR site.
    The high pitched part sounds annoying to me. Also, why can't he play a song without having a seizure on a whammy pedal and calling it a solo. He just comes off as pretentious to me.
    Meh, indeed. The drums make this song what it is, the guitar riff is kind of boring and uninspired for Jack and all the energy seems to be relying on his tone rather than his actual playing.