Jack White to Make 'World's Fastest Released Record' for Record Store Day

He will record and release a live version of the song 'Lazaretto' on April 19.

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Jack White is set to record and release a record in one day to celebrate this year's Record Store DayNME reports.

The former White Stripes man will record the song "Lazaretto" onstage in the "blue room" during a show at his Third Man Records base in Nashville at 10am local time, recording direct-to-acetate a limited edition live version of the title track from his second solo album, "Lazaretto."

The special recording take place on April 19, Record Store Day. When White finishes recording, the masters will be taken to local record plant United Record Pressing, who will make up the 45rpm singles and the sleeves will be printed from photos taken of the recording. The records will then be sold back at Third Man Records and will continue to be printed and sold as long as there are fans waiting to buy them.

Jack White will release his new solo album, "Lazaretto," on June 9. White's second solo album is the follow up to his 2012 debut "Blunderbuss" and will be released by White's own label Third Man and XL Recordings.

To celebrate the release of the album, Third Man will release a limited edition 'Lazaretto' LP pressed on split-colour blue and white vinyl with exclusive album art. It will be packaged with a photo and a 7-inch single featuring two early demos of songs "Alone in My Home" and "Entitlement," which feature in their finished form on the album.

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    He really wants to be in (and stay in) the Guinness Book. How about "most times attempting a music related world record by one artist?
    "When White finishes recording, the masters will be taken to local record plant United Record Pressing, who will make up the 45rpm singles" So it is vinyl. Also, yeah, I had an Alter Bridge show that I went to directly after the show was done, so nothing really "new" per se, but a fun concept in any matter. But come on, new Jack White stuff is reason enough to be happy.
    The main concept that is new is that nothing will be made prior to that day. That means the sleeves and and all that won't be made and the vinyl won't be pressed.
    nope been done before, i went to an underoath show live at koko and they recorded the live album and released it to buy at the merch stand at the show. i know goldfrapp has done this and i think quite a few others have. so this is none news
    "World's fastest released record" implies that it's vinyl, at least in my eyes. There's a difference between burning a few mp3's and releasing a record. But you're right that it's not exactly a new concept!
    woops i misread it in the sense of how americans say "new record" to mean new album or single. yeah i guess that is different but with taking it to a record plant it wont be released directly after the show so it's not really anything that special.
    sorry for the double post again but as much as i love jack white it just seem's like he's scrabbling for gimmicks now. doing the "worlds shortest concert" "fastest released record" it just all seems so gimmicky like that 3 rpm record he made it just annoys me because jack white is the last musician who needs to use gimmicks to sell records
    I think the gimmicks, other than world's shortest concert, are mainly to get people interested in vinyl again. The short concert was a joke so that he could say he played in every state in the US, or every province in Canada, I can't remember which. But its not like he made any money off of it.
    I'm 22 and have a sizable vinyl collection. I started because of my grandpa.. and have always preferred having a nice big detailed "case" to look through. If all vinyls came with a free mp3 that would be clutch.
    I think he just likes it. He gets an idea and goes with it. I'm not so sure they're stunts as much as something he wants to do.
    thanks jack white fanboys for downvoting me what i said was nearly true but because it doesn't praise your precious god i get downvotes so mindless
    LOL No, you said "neither is this it's the title track of his second album." Which hasn't been released yet. Hence=NEW.
    Looking forward to it. From the sound of the single he may be going for a raw rock sounding album. Pretty sick stuff.
    There's a difference between recording and releasing a song on vinyl and burning MP3s onto CDs or whatever. Morons