Jack White Unearths Early Live Album, Demos For New Vault Package

artist: Jack White date: 01/04/2013 category: new releases

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Jack White Unearths Early Live Album, Demos For New Vault Package
Jack White's Third Man Records has announced details of the latest package from its music subscription series, The Vault.

The 15th installment of the series includes a live LP from Jack White's short-lived band The Bricks. Comprised of White, The Raconteurs' Brendan Benson on guitar, Kevin Peyok (The Waxwings, The See-See) on bass and Ben Blackwell (The Dirtbombs) on drums, the band existed for a few short months in 1999, playing covers and early White Stripes material. This particular performance took place on July 9th, 1999 on a makeshift stage situated on lanes 11-14 of the legendary Garden Bowl in Detroit (!) and includes a pair of Bob Dylan covers ("Isis" and "I Threw It All Away") along with ? and The Mysterians' "Ain"t It A Shame". Sample their performance of "The Union Forever" below.

The package also includes a 7" yellow vinyl featuring a pre-Raconeteurs demo of "Steady As She Goes", recorded by White and Benson in 2004. The B-Side, which you can sample below, is a full-band orchestration of White and Benson performing "The Same Boy You've Always Known" in 1999 - a full two years before it would appear on The White Stripes' "White Blood Cells" album.

The final piece of the package is "behind-the-scenes tour travelog film" entitled "White Heat", which contains footage of Whirlwind Heat and The White Stripes' European tour during the winter of 2002.

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