Jack White Unveils Special 'Ultra' Vinyl Version of New Album 'Lazaretto'

It will contain hidden tracks and boast a different running order to the CD release.

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Jack White has unveiled a special vinyl "Ultra" version of his forthcoming new album, "Lazaretto."

As NME reports, the 180 gram release will feature two vinyl-only hidden tracks, which will be situated under the labels on the record, with one playing at 78 rpm and one at 45 rpm, making the release a three speed album. The mix of the album will also be different from the digital and CD release and have a different running order. Click below to watch White talk through the LP alongside Ben Blackwell of Third Man Records, who says the record has "all kinds of tricks and chicanery hidden inside of it." The album is released on on June 9.

"While we were mixing the record I started to get ideas about the design of the LP and what we could do differently that hadn't been done before," says White, before demonstrating how Side A of the record plays from the inside out before a locked groove on the outside of the record continually plays.

White explains that his favourite feature of the album is on Side B, where depending on where the needle is dropped, listeners will either hear an acoustic or an electric introduction to the first song. "Both of those intros, acoustic and electric, all come together in the middle of the song and become one groove for the remainder of the song. This is something that's never been done before," says White.

In the dead wax of Side A is a hand-etched hologram of an angel by Tristan Duke of Infinity Light Science. "This is a really beautiful component to the Ultra LP," says White.

Jack White will play a one-off UK show this summer. He will appear at London's Eventim Apollo on July 5, following his headline set at Open'er Festival in Gdynia, Poland the previous evening. This is White's second scheduled appearance in the UK this summer and will come after he plays Glastonbury Festival in June.

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    Must have.. However, i dont think my record player can do 78 RPM. Only got options for 33 and 45. Guess one of the secret tracks will be kinda lost on me <.< still gonna get this tho. AND a CD version. Just hope this thing is not TOO pricy <.<
    I know the "shut up and take my money" meme is overused however within three minutes of watching this video I had already pre-ordered the record including ridiculous shipping to Australia.
    With that amount of "firsts" I'm starting to think, that this is not music album, but show-off. Thankfully there will be regular release...
    So the blue/white version also has the angel and whatnot? I'm kinda confused
    The vault package has everything this one has but it's also colored. That's the only difference
    what happened to: the vault release will be the only special release?
    I heard the Vault version includes one more extra hidden locked groove ON THE EDGE of the record that actually causes spontaneous combustion in 8 out of 10 household cats.