Jack White Working On Follow Up To 'Blunderbuss'

artist: Jack White date: 02/12/2013 category: new releases
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Jack White Working On Follow Up To 'Blunderbuss'
Jack White's "Blunderbuss" may have struck out at Sunday's Grammy Awards, but the rocker is already working on new music for his next record. "I've got about 20 to 25 tracks I'm working on right now a lot of songs," White tells. "It's a good time for writing for me." White has been recording new material with The Buzzards and The Peacocks, his separate male and female bands, respectively. "Everybody involved was inspired," he says of working with the bands. "Nobody had really done that before, and it was scary in a way. I wanted to keep that going on this one. I just want to write and bring the Buzzards and Peacocks in and work on some things and work on the things with no intention of what it's going to be. No competition between the bands just keep writing and recording until I decide what it's going to be." As for the album's timing, "I don't know if it'll come out this year or not," he adds. "The last one kind of came together so strangely, I was in the middle of making it and I didn't realize I was doing it, you know? I was just doing it because I needed to get these songs down and then I realized I was making a record." White was nominated for three awards from "Blunderbuss", including Album of the Year, Best Rock Album, and "Freedom At 21" for Best Rock Song (via HenneMusic). Jack went zero-for-three on the evening, but did rock the show with a performance of "Love Interruption" and "Freedom At 21".
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