Jack White Working On Follow Up To 'Blunderbuss'

White has been recording new material with the Buzzards and the Peacocks, his separate male and female bands, respectively.

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Jack White's "Blunderbuss" may have struck out at Sunday's Grammy Awards, but the rocker is already working on new music for his next record.

"I've got about 20 to 25 tracks I'm working on right now a lot of songs," White tells. "It's a good time for writing for me."

White has been recording new material with The Buzzards and The Peacocks, his separate male and female bands, respectively.

"Everybody involved was inspired," he says of working with the bands. "Nobody had really done that before, and it was scary in a way. I wanted to keep that going on this one. I just want to write and bring the Buzzards and Peacocks in and work on some things and work on the things with no intention of what it's going to be. No competition between the bands just keep writing and recording until I decide what it's going to be."

As for the album's timing, "I don't know if it'll come out this year or not," he adds. "The last one kind of came together so strangely, I was in the middle of making it and I didn't realize I was doing it, you know? I was just doing it because I needed to get these songs down and then I realized I was making a record."

White was nominated for three awards from "Blunderbuss", including Album of the Year, Best Rock Album, and "Freedom At 21" for Best Rock Song (via HenneMusic).

Jack went zero-for-three on the evening, but did rock the show with a performance of "Love Interruption" and "Freedom At 21".

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    Very exciting news. Blunderbuss was an incredible album!
    Completely agree. I loved Blunderbuss and was wondering when the follow up would start to surface the news. I hope there's more heavy riffs on this one.
    "The last one kind of came together so strangely, I was in the middle of making it and I didn't realize I was doing it, you know?" no Jack... I don't know.
    "Oops, I Made An Album", a book by Jack White! And keep your eyes peeled for the sequels, "Oops, I Wrote a Book" and "Dammit, Not Again, I've Gotta Stop Drinking Bourbon In The Studio!"
    Everything this man makes is quality, will listen to anything you create Mr. White
    Awesome!! His last album was amazing, I'd love to hear what that mind of his has cooked up.. Also He dropped an F-Bomb at the Grammys
    I think you'll find he didn't actually. A few viewers mistook the word "fight" for "f**k" during the rendition of Love Interuption, and the story got blown up for publicity's sake! However, watch the footage and listen, he CLEARLY says fight! Unlike Mumford and Sons who dropped the bomb in their acceptance speech, which is why the "live" show is actually broadcast several seconds later than it happens, and their speech was successfully edited! As for the news, excellent, big fan of pretty much all of Jack's work and he's phenomenal live!!
    Everyone always talks about Jack White as a guitar player but if you listen to Blunderbuss he's mostly tearing it up on the keys. I would love to hear him do some more awesome keyboard solos.
    I do agree that Jack does some great keys on the album. And on "Weep Themselves to Sleep", that's Brooke Waggoner you hear on the piano, she can rip that shit to shreds.
    I wasn't into most of Blunderbuss until I saw him play it this summer. It was such a high energy show; he has an amazing stage presence and sense of production and style, and completely killed it. The whole album took on a new dimension for me. Before seeing that I would have agreed with you k!!lswitch; now I kinda worship the dude.
    i will say from videos ive seen of him live hes gotta be a lot of fun but as far as his music goes im just not impressed. not to say music is about being impressed its just the kind of feel i get from his fanbase
    I loved the songs on the last album, but the sound was so small. Guitars way up front and everything else, just tiny in the back. Maybe it's just me, but the songs represented themselves much better live. The album just sounded weak. Hope he puts it together as a "band" album, rather than just a guitar album.
    Is the follow up the one where he turns it around and mashes his brains out ? If so , I'm buying . As if I care about your negative votes , I'll start by voting down for y'all .
    everytime i try to listen to a song of his, the way the fanbase of his is, i click looking to be impressed or blown and im not. not to say hes even making abd music but hes just looked at as a superhero in music and it just doesnt reflect back that way to me
    I thought that Blunderbuss was pretty wicked and I honestly can't wait for the next album to be released by him.
    I'm kinda surprised it isn't already done. Seems like the music just flows outta the guy. And he's said in the past that there's no reason why bands can't release more than one album a year, what with technology being what it is. But still, he's good.
    I thought the album itself was boring but that's not to say he isn't incredible live.
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