Jackson Browne Readies First Album In Six Years

artist: Jackson Browne date: 08/11/2008 category: new releases
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It has been 6 years since the last Jackson Browne studio album but the singer/songwriter is back and he is bearded. Browne will have a new look on "Time The Conqueror". Browne, who has managed to look basically the same for the last 30 years, looks totally different on the album cover with his white beard. Time The Conqueror features his longtime band of Kevin McCormick (bass), Mark Goldenberg (guitars), Mauricio "Fritz" Lewak (drums) and Jeff Young (keyboards and backing vocals). This album adds two members to the band, Chavonne Morris and Alethea Mills, two vocalists Jackson met in early 2001 while working with Washington Preparatory High School located in SouthCentral Los Angeles. Track Listing: 01. "Time The Conqueror" 02. "Off Of Wonderland" 03. "The Drums Of War" 04. "The Arms Of Night" 05. "Where Were You" 06. "Going Down To Cuba" 07. "Giving That Heaven Away" 08. "Live Nude Cabaret" 09. "Just Say Yeah" 10. "Far From The Arms Of Hunger" Thanks for the info to undercover.com.au.
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