James Durbin: Debut Album Details Released

artist: James Durbin date: 10/20/2011 category: new releases
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James Durbin: Debut Album Details Released
James Durbin is ready to go for the November 21 release of his debut album, "Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster." On Wednesday, the American Idol rocker released details about the project, including confirmation of the first two singles: the anthemic "Stand Up" will go to rock radio and the power-charged "Love Me Bad" will hit Top 40 radio. Unforgettable performances on the Idol stage with legends such as Judas Priest and Zakk Wylde led Durbin's own "Idols" to support the rocker's first ever release. Mick Mars of Mtley Cre, songwriters James Michael (Sixx: A.M., Mtley Cre) and Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Buckcherry, Ozzy Osbourne), along with Swedish rock band Hardcore Superstar. Durbin, who co-wrote five of the albums tracks exclaimed it was "surreal" to be working with this bevy of rock royalty and recalls, "When Mick Mars started shredding on his guitar I literally lost my mind." The long-time Mtley Cre fan continued saying, "He's a true rock legend and he's playing on my record. It doesn't get any cooler than that." Mick Mars echoed the same fervor, "It was sick to have played on James' debut album. To be the only featured guest artist on the record was really cool, as I know a lot of others wanted to be on it. James Durbin kicks ass; he's the real deal." "Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster" tracklisting: 01. Higher Than Heaven 02. All I Want 03. Love In Ruins 04. Right Behind You 05. Love Me Bad 06. Deeper 07. May 08. Screaming 09. Outcast - feat. Mick Mars 10. Everything Burns 11. Stand Up Thanks for the report to Hennemusic.com.
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