Jared Leto: '30 Seconds to Mars is an Art Project'

Meanwhile, new 30STM release hits the stores today.

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30 Seconds to Mars frotnman Jared Leto thinks there is more to American rock trio than just music, as he considers 30STM "not just a band, but an art project."

During a recent chat with MTV, the singer revealed that the group is looking to get involved in different projects, including books, short films and documentaries.

"We've always thought about 30 Seconds to Mars not just as a band but an art project," Leto said. "A place where we would make music, we would make books, we would make art in general, short films, documentaries."

Frontman also stressed out that music will still be in the very center of the band's plans, adding, "I mean really the music is the glue that binds it all together but it's certainly not just about the music, it's about community, it's about a life."

The trio has recently premiered a video for "Up in the Air," the first single off their latest album "Love Lust Faith + Dreams." With a total length exceeding eight minutes, the clip features a special guest appearance from burlesque artist Dita Von Teese.

"Love Lust Faith + Dreams" comes out today (May 17) via EMI and Virgin Records (May 20 in the UK and May 21 in the US). As the group's fourth studio effort, it's the first record they have released since 2009's "This Is War."

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    Never really been the biggest fan of 30 Seconds To Mars, I like my music a little heavier, but this guy is pretty talented.
    xJMx PRS
    *Puts flameshield up* I actually really enjoyed the new album, i judged it as if it was a stand alone release from a new band not 30STM. Ended up enjoying it a lot more than i would comparing it to their old ones!
    "30 Seconds To Mars", "A Beautiful Lie" and "This is War" were quite good. Not masterpieces, but good, but LLF+D album is the weakest release of this year yet.
    Meanwhile, their LLF+D is complete shit. Thanks for your attention
    I skimmed the album and I didn't really find any rock. I was hoping for at least one song that wasn't full of synth's and brought back the feeling of "fallen" which is one of the song's that got me in to them. I remember back in the fserve day's of irc Breaking Benjamin's Saturate and 30 Seconds to Mars - 30 Seconds to Mars were under the new releases (scene release date, not street date.) I found the first cd to be pretty good and then A Beautiful Lie came out and there was even some good content on that one but I had a hard time with This Is War & I doubt I'll ever hear the entire LLF+D album. I'm sure it will go on to sell well and ignite the panties of hormonally adjusting teenage girls spending their parents money on merch & iTunes.
    Jared's totally using the same terminology tom delonge used a few years back. Seems to be the new cool thing for alt bands
    I think there is more to my brown viscous post burito poop than just poop, as i consider it to be not just bodily waste but the fruit of my digestive system's hard work... which is in fact the essence of art as we know it. No but really, I happen to enjoy some of their older stuff (self titled album) mostly because it felt more natural than everything they did after, which seems to be fueled by pretentious artsy intentions that really don't go farther than the explicit visuals of the above video. I mean,I can't really find anything interesting in the Up in the air video,it feels like a sequence of randomly bursted images that should create a dramatic tension (I mean 4.58, really? One does not get more corny than that). It is actually pretty sad, cause these guys have the means to do something interesting, but they fail by surfing along every musical trend that's popular at a certain point of their career. Anyway, boobs and shit, great stuff!
    Seems alot like a bunch of gathered sure shots. The colorpigment throwing thing has already been done too many times (confirming TryTheKetchup's post), the zebra's and lions in slowmotion is instantly beautifull and has also been done already and featuring artwork by someone else in your video isn't a new concept either. Also I don't understand what they are trying to do with this video other than selling their music and wrapping up a lot of hipster stuff.
    Art project, huh? Well, Angels & Airwaves were first. And guess what? Their bassist used to play in 30STM, but quit. Well, he definitely knows which band is currently better.
    A pretentious comment from Jared Leto? I've never seen or heard that before.
    this video looks like a pop clip, instead of looking like... Well looking like 30 seconds to mars style.
    Heard one song from it. Wasn't wowed, but it wasn't the worst song I heard today. I agree about the pretentiousness thing though. It's one thing when your band has the chops to pull of a grand concept like that, but when you're putting out pretty much generic radio rock, it's hard to take the "artsy" side of it seriously. Nothing against radio rock or anything, but it just doesn't carry the weight of such an artsy concept that well.
    Van Guff
    The band are good, but the albums are getting progressively worse. I downloaded the new one today and i've gotta say, I'm not that impressed.
    The Angels and Airwaves and 30 Seconds to Mars comparisons just keep growing and growing. At times Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams sounds a lot like Love too. I wonder when 30STM's full length movie comes out. That being said I love LLF+D.