Jason Bonham Wants To Work With Robert Plant And Slash On New Album

artist: Jason Bonham date: 11/20/2012 category: new releases
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Jason Bonham Wants To Work With Robert Plant And Slash On New Album
In recent years, Jason Bonham has become inextricably associated with his father's legendary band, having filled in for Bonham Snr. At Led Zeppelin's reunion concert back in 2007. With Zep looking to be definitely finished, though, Jason wants to set out on his own. According to NME, the drummer is considering recording a solo album, using the musicians from the Led Zeppelin Experience (the Led Zep tribute show that Bonham is currently helming) as his backing group: "I've been working on some original songs with the band that does the Led Zeppelin experience... we're going to start writing as an original band and see what comes out of it. It'll be kind of Zeppelin-esque because of the way the guys play but there's nothing wrong with that." Bonham has also hinted that he'd want to work with a number of celebrity special guests on the album, including Zep singer Robert Plant: "I've always wanted to do an album with half the people I've worked with. People like Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers, Jeff Beck and Slash. Meanwhile, Bonham is considering the future of Black Country Communion, the super group he is in with Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa. The band recently fell into disarray after Bonamassa was unable to commit to touring, and now Bonham is open to the idea of replacing the guitarist for live dates: "I have not suggested this to the others, but my thing would be that we should, for the fans, go out and play. If Joe can't do it, we should go out with someone else. Joe is a really nice guy and I think if we asked him then he'd say, 'Of course'."
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