Jason Newsted Asks Fans for New Video Suggestions

Help choose the track for next Newsted clip.

Ultimate Guitar

Jason Newsted has posted the following message on his Facebook page, asking fans to help him choose the track to be featured in the next Newsted video. The message reads as follows:

"HEY NEWSTED METALHEADS!! Another big week ahead; Firing the Chophouse up again after a successful summer tour...now we're preparing to shoot new videos for songs from the "Heavy Metal Music" LP ... "Soldierhead" on NEWSTED YouTube channel surpassed 1 million views last weekend!!!! RIGHT ON PEOPLE!!!! What new NEWSTED songs would you most like to see made into videos next? Tell us your favorites. Cheers J"

Ultimate-Guitar recently interviewed Jason Newsted, and talked about his return to music after years away from the limelight. As the bassist/vocalist notes, when he left Metallica, he thought he had retired:

"I thought I was retired. I retired from Metallica, I retired from any kind of heavy touring. I'd do one-off shows and do keg parties with Papa Wheelie and different stuff like that, but I'd never planned on being in the big time again. So now that I'm back ... I guess there's a reason for all of that. I was gone long enough to really enjoy it again this time."

Tell Newsted what track you want to see.

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    Controversial request alert: Request permissions (should you need them) to release the instrumental version of My Friend of Misery the way you would've wanted it written.
    Vicryl 2.0
    I was always been interested to hear a full version of "My friend of misery" in the way how he want it to be made. Hope he would do it one day.