Jason Newsted: 'I Feel Like I'm 19 Again and Just Ready to Kill It'

artist: Jason Newsted date: 04/19/2013 category: new releases
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Jason Newsted: 'I Feel Like I'm 19 Again and Just Ready to Kill It'
In a recent Noisecreep interview, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted talked about his new band, upcoming debut album plans and tour dates. Newsted is still very excited about the whole project, commenting that he feels like a teenager again. As far as the debut full-length release goes, the "Metal" EP follow-up is currently in the works featuring the recently-added guitarist Mike Mushok of Staind. "Rehearsals have been very powerful. This is old-school metal and I think people are going to like us live. People will love this band - I mean, I'm a fan of these guys! I watch Mike play and it is beyond description. This tour is to be done with a real punk rock ethic," the bassist said. "This is just a chance to dust the rust off of the band and get into small places where I can see everyone's eyes. There's no grand production or pyro or anything - it's just us and the music. It's about the positive energy and reactions to music. We're just real happy to get close to the people." "I feel like I'm 19 again and just ready to kill it. I've had the blessing of being with some pretty serious outfits and I really have always tried to pay attention when given those chances. In this case, I've never been able to do this - my lyrics - my songs top to bottom - I'm taking this very seriously and I think people will love these shows." Although he doesn't show much regret for leaving Metallica, Newsted did admit missing "special places" he got to visit with the band. When recently asked whether he misses being a "part of the big Metallica machine," the bassist replied: "The only times it really stings a little bit is, it's always about the quest. It really comes down to the quest. I want to play as many places as I can play while I'm still able to play. And they went to some places that I haven't been without me, you know like South Africa, United Arab Emirates, India," the bassist tells Local Bozo. "I never got to play those places before I got out - they weren't really open to the westernized rock and roll music when I was still with them. And so now I have my own quest with my own band to get to those places. That's the only time that I really miss Metallica is going to those really special places." Debut Newsted EP release "Metal" came out in January, landing at No. 62 on The Billboard 200 chart with 6,200 copies sold within the first week. The band is currently busy on the road, with a string of over 30 tour dates stretching until July.
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