Jeff Beck Releasing New Album in Spring 2014

artist: Jeff Beck date: 12/24/2013 category: upcoming releases

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Jeff Beck Releasing New Album in Spring 2014
Guitar legend Jeff Beck recently announced fresh details regarding his new studio record, confirming plans for a tentative spring release. As the official website reads, Beck took a short break after his tour with Brian Wilson and is already busy in the studio with his new band, consisting of Rhonda Smith on bass, guitarist Nicholas Meier, drummer Jonathan Joseph and Lizzie Ball on violin. "After taking a very short well earned break post his recent tour with Brian Wilson, Jeff has been spending most of his time with his new band (Rhonda Smith – Bass, Nicholas Meier – Guitar, Jonathan Joseph – Drums and Lizzie Ball – Violin) in the studio," the announcement kicks off. "We won't say too much at present. Suffice to say - watch this space - it will be epic!" Apart from the new record, Jeff is reportedly also involved with Wilson's upcoming effort. Beck's latest album, "Emotion and Commotion," dropped in March 2010 via ATCO Records as the guitarist's tenth studio release.
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