Jerry Cantrell Compares Alice in Chains Singers: 'Layne and William Are Similar'

artist: Alice in Chains date: 04/25/2013 category: new releases
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Jerry Cantrell Compares Alice in Chains Singers: 'Layne and William Are Similar'
Alice in Chains guitar mastermind Jerry Cantrell recently gave several interesting interviews, covering subjects ranging from the band's new singer William DuVall to Snooki. In a chat with the Electronic Musician magazine, the guitarist compared late Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley with the group's current singer William DuVall, noting multiple similarities between the two. "I didn't have a lot of confidence as a singer," Cantrell continues. "But Layne pushed me to sing my own sh-t. I was unsure, especially standing next to a guy like Layne, who had an amazing voice, was super talented and so quick. He was a natural. I'm not. But with Layne pushing me, my confidence grew. William is real challenging, too - a natural like Layne was. The way we work together is very similar. The sound and style of the band is intact because of Sean, Mike, and myself, and what William brings to the band. That's how we are able to continue and be ourselves. "William is a high-speed dragster - he's nitro," Cantrell adds. "I'm more like a Chevy truck. I kind of just plod along. But my good old Chevy truck will last a long time. William gets up there, and gets gas behind it. I don't have that sort of range, I am a medium to low plodder. That's how we differ in styles. Layne and William are similar. Layne had gas and he could hit that nitro button and go to the next level with some teeth on it." In another interview with the Classic Rock Magazine, the entire band got into a discussion about the current state of music industry, expressing their discontent with the latest trend of overusing the Internet and social media. Illegal downloads are also something the band seems to highly disapprove, with Cantrell saying that such acts devalue music in general. "I don't like a whole lot of it, no. I think the thing that's most disappointing to me is that now, what you do is worth less than nothing. It's been reduced to a game show. "And somehow, something you've worked on and poured your soul into, and invested your money in, somehow it's no longer deemed valuable. That's f--ked up, to me. I can't go to the gas station and take the gas for free I'd go to jail. But somehow it's okay to take my thing for free. Bassist Mike Inez then joined the discussion, expressing his not so optimistic views regarding the music industry. According to Inez, music business has become a hopeless cause, giving new artists basically zero chances for success. "It really sucks, because there's probably a 12-year-old kid out there who could be the next Kurt Cobain, but he's never going to get the chance to be heard because there's no future or money in making music anymore, I'm worried about the next generation. Where's the art gonna come from?" "There used to be a mystique about rock bands," drummer Sean Kinney chipped in, "but now it's like, 'Follow me on Twitter!' I don't wanna know what f--kin' sandwich you ate at the airport, man. Because we're just people. Our job isn't all that more interesting than anybody else's." "We went to the Grammys last year because we were nominated for a couple," Cantrell recalls. "We're f--kin' doing the press line, and they're shuffling us down the line, five minutes with these people, and they have no idea who we are, then it's some morning show, they don't give a f--k, and MTV wants to interview us... "So we turn around and it's f--kin' Snooki. Snooki is going to f--king interview us. And she's going: 'I don't know who they are. Who are they?' And this is Music Television?" "We just walked away." The new Alice in Chains record, "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here," is ready to hit the stores on May 28 via Virgin/EMI Records. The album was already announced with two video singles, "Hollow" and "Stone."
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