Jethro Tull to Release 1970-2005 DVD Set

"Around the World Live" features the band performing their fan favourites.

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Jethro Tull are set to release a career-spanning four DVD set on June 25 featuring 35 years of the group's live shows, from a gig at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 to a 2005 performance at the Estival in Lugano, Switzerland.

The collection, named "Around the World Live," offers a bevy of fan favorites, including "Thick as a Brick," "Nothing Is Easy," "Budapest," "Life Is A Long Song," "Aqualung," "Too Old to Rock'N'Roll, Too Young to Die" and more.

The majority of the performances will be released for the first time in the set. The offering also includes a 32-page hard cover book with frontman Ian Anderson's personal photo archive, an interview with Anderson from a Hilversum, Holland gig in 1999 and more goodies.

More live performances featured in the set include stops in Tampa, Fla. (1976); Munich, Germany (1980); Santiago, Chile (1996); Montreux, Switzerland (2003); and beyond.

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    Maybe it wins Grammy(sorry, had to).
    Point taken. The only thing that made this person somehow relevant is being the UNWORTHY winner of that Grammy Award. At least, Metallica took the stealing as their motivation to create the "Black Album".
    Man, i never said anything bad about them.They are good band, but this is one of those jokes you just have to do.Sorry if i offended you.
    Wow... you do know who Jethro Tull are, right? One of the biggest selling and most influential British bands to come out of the 60s and 70s, right? One of the only bands who were an important part of the 60s Blues revival, the early 70s Prog Rock scene, and the mid-70s Folk scene? Aqualung? Thick As A Brick? A New Day Yesterday? Any of that a-ringing a bell?
    Dr Funkenstein
    You have no idea what your talking about do you? Yes, the grammy's are a farce, but Jethro Tull are awesome and have been a major influence on your beloved Metallica and Iron Maiden. With Iron Maiden covering the song "Cross-eyed Mary".This is great news.