Jimi Hendrix Murdered? Experience Member Noel Redding Discussed Possibility In New DVD

The Redding Experience DVD is set for release on December 6th 2010. We were sent some background info on the release.

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The Redding Experience DVD is set for release on December 6th 2010. Below you can find some background info on the release.

The DVD features a never before seen interview with Noel Redding the bass player in the Jimi Hendrix Experience, which was recorded at Redding's home in Ireland in 1988.

Producer Will Scally explains how the interview came about. "I had known and been friends with Noel for many years and always found him a very upfront, straightforward guy. We often spoke about doing an interview, he wanted to speak about the band, money, drugs and the death of Hendrix and much more even speaking about the possibility of Hendrix being murdered. He was on good form that day and wanted to record this for posterity."

Sadly Noel Redding died back in 2003 aged 57 For those interested in Hendrix, Redding and the history of sixties rock music this rare visual documentary should not be missed.

Thanks for the report to antiMusic.com.

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    Yeah, right and i saw Elvis and Jim morrison working at Subway in North Dakota.Drugs are bad M'kay.
    Saying he was possibly murdered, and then saying he is still alive somewhere are two different things.
    link no1
    Eifler121 wrote: Saying he was possibly murdered, and then saying he is still alive somewhere are two different things.
    duhhh, he's a zombie you idiot
    if you look into this deep enough, the doctors/medics couldnt understand why there was wine everywhere and his stomach was still full of wine, it looks very likely that he was murdered. mike jefferies, jimis manager got paro as and said to two different people that were roadies for jimi about how he murdered jimi so he got his insurance money, since jimi was gonna kick him to the curb and head off with chas. its all long over now, and all that really matters now is the music and legacy jimi left behind.
    he wasnt murdered, he od'ed and drowned in his vomit, every death is a "murder" next your gonna say that the rev was murdered
    it just said that he discusses the possibility of him being murdered. He's probably saying naw it wasn't murder in the DVD. But now you'll probably go buy it and find out huh?
    Yeah sure, come on get over it. yeah kurt cobain didn't commit suicide he was murdered, John lennon wasn't murdered but just exploded out of nothing, Jim Morisson was killed too. Bon scott was strangled but when he was unconcious someone barfed in his mouth and ofcourse Elvis Presley was murdered too.. stupid people indeed. (ps this was all sarcasm if you didn't notice)
    There were rumors that Jimi was killed for insurance collection on his death. I saw some documentary on it They said they fed him a whole bunch of pills and stuff the night before he died. His band members (I think drummer?) knew he was not doing well that morning but they left him instead of giving him help. He died like 5 hours later and umm Courtney love killed Kurt just saying...
    Scrum Drum
    I can tell you the alleged story that Jimi had pills forced down his throat is proven wrong by the evidence. First off Jimis New York doctor came forward to say Jimi had phoned him from the Samarkand to get some advice on his insomnia. When the doctor said he could arrange a London doctor to get Jimi a prescription Jimi said No, I dont need that I have some Tuinols here. Unknown to Jimi was the fact the Tuinols he thought he was referring to were actually the very strong Vesparax sleeping tablets. Its my personal theory that the Vesparax did not get into Hendrixs reach accidentally but were instead put there intentionally as part of an intelligence assassination operation. So Jimi most likely took the pills on his own. This is forensically corroborated by the fact the autopsy showed Jimis barbiturate blood level was 3.9mg percent, meaning he had to have a time period to absorb the barbiturate before he was waterboarded. The pills shoved down the throat followed by wine doesnt allow enough time for the body to absorb the barbiturate to the 3.9mg percent level. What a 3.9mg knock-out dose means is Jimi was passed-out when he was waterboarded to death. So why would Jeffery tell an inaccurate story in his confession? Is it because he was trying to cover for his inside accomplice Monika Dannemann? Using a female sex partner as an infiltrator was a classic intelligence method of the day, as was disguising murder as an overdose. The proof that Hendrix was waterboarded is 100% because once he was passed-out, as the autopsy firmly shows, he had no way to administer the wine into himself. And he couldnt have drank it earlier because bottles worth would have registered in the bloodstream. Hendrix had only 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content, which was around two glasses of wine. Therefore the massive amounts of wine witnessed by Doctor Bannister automatically conflicts with the forensic evidence. But what really cinches it is the fact there was pure wine witnessed on the bed, clothes, and saturating Jimis hair. You cant vomit out pure wine, especially with the witnesses telling of so much vomit. So therefore that pure wine is criminal forensic evidence of wine spilled while waterboarding. If you really want to know why Hendrix was murdered look at the Bahamian banks Jeffery kept Jimis stolen money in. The BCCI Bank was the same bank CIA kept some of its most sensitive black ops accounts in to keep them from government oversight. When Jimi threatened court scrutiny of those banks he threatened much more than just his crooked manager. Jimi was killed by waterboarding shortly after. Who are the only ones who waterboard in combination with barbiturates to make it look like an accidental OD? Look, Michael Jeffery was just the crooked MI-5/mafia manager of Jimi Hendrix. He alone didnt have the power to stifle investigation into such obvious evidence of murder. Ill leave it to you to figure out who did and why. (CIA)
    Scrum Drum
    I just wanted to say anyone who follows the evidence will see Jimi was murdered. You can't have what Dr Bannister determined was "bottles worth" of wine in you and only have a 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content. Jimi had a 3.9mg blood barbiturate %. That is a knock-out dose which means Jimi was passed-out when he died. So it had to be murder because a passed-out person cannot administer what a medical doctor determined was "bottles worth" of wine into themselves. And he couldn't have drank the wine earlier because it would have necessarily registered in his blood alcohol content. Jimi was witnessed covered in vomit by the first responders, so the pure wine soaking his scarf and hair had to be wine spilled while waterboarding because you can't vomit out pure wine and wine can't flow uphill and against gravity and up into Jimi's hair from the way he was positioned.
    Hold on, you really believe that "Vesparax did not get into Hendrixs reach accidentally but were instead put there intentionally as part of an [b]intelligence assassination operation." Do you really think that the CIA killed Hendrix? I can understand your theory about him being murdered and how, but not as a part of an intelligence assasination operation.
    Scrum Drum
    If you trace Jimi's money it was kept in the same off-shore Bahamian banks CIA kept their covert funds in. If you read up on the intelligence agency connections to those banks you'll be shocked. Intel had a relationship with the syndicate that if they helped prevent communism CIA would look the other way. The mob then gave CIA a cut which CIA kept in those same Bahamian banks. It was substantial millions that were then used to fund some wicked anti-communist operations whose funding couldn't be traced. If you Wikipedia BCCI Bank you can read how it was used to fund the Oliver North Contra operation. The money came mostly from CIA-protected cocaine smuggling. Trust me, I'm a life-long Hendrix fan and no kook. The reason I'm posting this stuff wherever I can is because I've discovered a nuclear scandal. Michael Jeffery was British MI-5 - which is their version of CIA. It wasn't an accident that those monies ended up in the same banks as CIA secret black ops funds. It was intentional and Jeffery ripped-off both the Animals and Hendrix because he was a f*cking live operative feeding those funds. I hope you're starting to appreciate the really creepy frigging dimensions of this. So now comes Monika Dannemann, a woman who just so happened to have the identical large green jade stone Jimi had when she met him. As soon as Jimi approached Monika he remarked they both had the exact same jade stone. He then proceeded to tell Monika she was the fair-haired woman the gypsy predicted. Jimi was wearing that green jade stone in pictures taken the day he died. Monika was photographed wearing it to the Inquest. Monika's background was that she only dated black musicians in Germany. Was she being groomed as an intel infiltrator of Jimi? Friends of Jimi said Monika's claimed relationship to him was fabricated and they had no idea who she was. She spent just a few days with Jimi all totaled. Plus we are talking about a woman whose stories about Jimi's death all turned out to be complete lies. So this was the source of the super-powerful Vesparax sleeping pills that Jimi ended up taking. Jimi had just fired an MI-5 manager who had warned him in a staged kidnapping he would be killed if he fired him "Because some important and powerful people depended on me being your manager." A few hours later Jimi died from alcoholic waterboarding in combination with barbiturates - a classic CIA covert murder method. Who are the only people who waterboard? Who are the only people who could prevent the British Government from investigating this screamingly-obvious evidence? I've recently discovered Gerry Stickells' flat was a few block away from the Samarkand. They've been telling us all along that Monika rented the flat secretly and only Jimi and her knew about it. But it doesn't take a genius to figure-out Jeffery arranged it and Stickells flat wasn't nearby by coincidence. In the week before Jimi was murdered he was in the process of sending his lawyers to investigate those Bahamian Banks. Jeffery said to Tappy Wright: "I had to do it, I had no choice". - Figure it out.
    Scrum Drum
    Another clue that the super-strong Vesparax were put into Hendrix's reach intentionally is Jeffery's confession. He told Tappy Wright he "shoved pills down Hendrix's throat followed by wine". The reason this can't be accurate is because the barbiturate level was 3.9mg at the autopsy, which would have taken over a half hour or more to be absorbed into the blood. So Jeffery couldn't have shoved any pills down Hendrix's throat followed by wine. The pills would have come right back up with the vomit. The reason Jeffery lied about shoving pills down Jimi's throat was because he had to cover for the fact the Vesparax were placed in there with the intention Jimi pass-out on them. Jeffery had to claim he shoved the pills down Jimi's throat because otherwise people would have figured-out there was a plan to get Jimi to take the pills - which would mean they were planted. Get it? The forensics prove Jimi could not have had any pills shoved down his throat followed by wine. The 3.9mg barbiturate blood level would have taken at least a half hour to reach, meaning there had to be at least a half hour between taking the Vesparax and being waterboarded. Notice Jeffery never mentions Monika in his confession. A woman who was supposed to be at the flat with Jimi the whole time. Tappy Wright isn't some goofy road crew member trying to cash-in. He knows what he's talking about. He worked under Jeffery in his office and even did bag man work for Jeffery's mafia loans. Tappy Wright witnessed Jeffery, Bob Levine, and other employees, as well as himself, smuggle suitcases of cash from Europe and elsewhere and ferry them to the Bahamas. If you admit the murder then the intentionally-planted super-powerful Vesparax is rather a moot point isn't it? And the murder is far from "theory" at this point. I can prove it in the forensic evidence. If you are interested in more proof read my posts here: http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthrea... The things I write are true and traceable. So far the British Government has never even bothered to investigate them. Really, that's all you need to know. And once Tappy takes a polygraph it will be even more confirmed.