Jimmy Page Returning With New Band and 'Totally Different' Music Next Year

"And there will be surprises..."

Ultimate Guitar

Led Zeppelin guitar giant Jimmy Page announced a solo comeback for 2016 with a brand new band and fresh music "totally different" to Led Zep stuff.

He tells Classic Rock: "It's taken a long time to get to this point, but I want to do it properly. And there will be surprises - that's what I've done all the way through my career, really."

Focusing on the new material, Jimmy added: "The writing that I've been doing, I'm thinking of it in a totally different way. And that has a charm of its own, and an excitement to it."

Although he hasn't announced the members of his new group yet, Mr. Page already has an idea of what his upcoming live shows will be.

He said: "There will be all sorts of material from different eras. Right across the board - that's the way I'm seeing it. But like I said, there will be surprises. It won't be entirely what people might be expecting.

"The best way for me to think about it is pacing towards a really exciting show, where you've still got chance to improvise and come up with new things every night. And I think in that sense, people are going to say, 'Yeah, OK, I get it.'"

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    Jimmy is just checking in for his yearly announcement where he says he will have new material for us soon, disappears for a year, and then reappears a year later to announce more new stuff
    "fresh music "totally different" to Led Zep stuff." Do I sense a return to skiffle?
    This was literally my face when reading the headline: "Jimmy Page Returning With New Band" "and 'Totally Different' Music" D:
    Dave Grohl on drums, Chris Cornell on vocals and Viktor Wooten on Bass!
    Wooten is hell of a bass player... but I don't find him a rock n roll player... I'd change Wooten with Duff and you have the greatest rock n roll band (since Led Zeppelin)...
    Good. I've been waiting for Jimmy to do some new stuff.
    And by "totally different" he probably means he'll actually be writing the riffs this time instead of ripping others off.
    I guess I will believe it when I hear something. I have been hearing "new music next year" since 2008 at least.... I would call Paul Rodgers...