Joe Satriani Announces New Chickenfoot Album

A third album by the band is in the works.

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Joe Satriani is sharing an update on the status of Chickenfoot, the supergroup that also features Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and Chad SmithHennemusic reports.

The guitarist says a third album by the band is in the works.

"It is in the pipeline," Satriani tells Artisan News. "Everyone's got demos, everyone's excited. I don't know about the schedule though. That is still - as usual - in the chaotic Chickenfoot state."

Chickenfoot released their self-titled debut in 2009 and their second album, "Chickenfoot III", in 2011.

Juggling the band member's schedules has been the group's biggest challenge.

Satriani and Hagar have maintained solo careers with new album releases, while drummer Chad Smith's commitments to the Red Hot Chili Peppers prevented him from joining Chickenfoot for live dates in support of the band's second album; the group brought in Kenny Aronoff to handle drum duties in his absence.

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    I'll check this out, I liked some of the songs on the previous albums but considering they're such great musicians I think they should be able to do better.
    Van halen is my favorite band of all time, satriani is my favorite instrumental guitarist and I'm a casual fan if the chilli peppers but chickenfoot is boring as hell
    I completely agree. I was immensely disappointed by Chickenfoot. Unless they step it up, the respective artists should do their own thing from now on.
    I really like the idea of artists collaborating and what not, but Chickenfoot is just a let down. Not because I'm a huge VH fan. I just expect more out of a lineup like that.
    Black Country Communion >> Chickenfoot.
    well of course Glenn Hughes is a much better vocalist than Sammy Hagar and a better bassist than Michael Anthony. and Jason vs Chad Smith is no contest, all Chickenfoot really has is Satriani.
    I don't get it... Black Country Communion is greater than nothing? And nothing is greater than Chickenfoot? I'm really confused... Are you saying that Chickenfoot is better than everything else? Or it's worse than nothing at all?
    I didn't know there was a 2nd one. I recently just put the first album in my cd player in the car, pretty solid. Satch has some nice licks and riffs on that album
    Satch really doesn't seem to be a fan of Will Farrell, thats for sure. i was half expecting him to add some humor to the situation, but all he seemed to do was take shots at the guy. -1 for Satch. p.s. Chickenfoot is boring as hell.
    Satch is anything but boring. I love his playing on the first chickenfoot.
    In the words of Chickenfoot "Ohhh yeah!" Their albums grow on you, some of the songs are really good. The more I go back and listen to the more I appreciate them, especially I gotta feeling...