Joe Satriani Set To Release An 'Unstoppable Momentum' This May

artist: Joe Satriani date: 02/22/2013 category: new releases

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Joe Satriani Set To Release An 'Unstoppable Momentum' This May
Guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani has decided to "break his cyberspace silence" and reveal the fans what has been up to these days. And it turns out he has some pretty big news. So not only did Satch announce the new album title and release date, but he also went on to reveal the new lineup of his studio band. "After returning home from the last of three incredible G3 tours, I got down to writing music for a new solo record. A very prolific and cathartic two months followed resulting in a bundle of new music I was very excited to get recorded." The new record will therefore be called "Unstoppable Momentum" and will be officially unleashed on May 7 via Epic Records. Apart from Satriani himself, the album lineup will include drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, Mike Kenally on keyboards and Chris Chaney on bass. With Satriani and Mike Fraser at the helm of production, the release will feature a total of 16 new songs. As far as the musicians he opted for go, Satch seems to be more than pleased with the choice he made. "The chemistry between these awesome players was fantastic, and we blazed through all the tracks with everyone laying down amazing performances", the guitarist says via official website. After the release, Satriani will launch a European tour with his touring band consisting of Mike Keneally on keyboards and guitar, bassist Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann on drums. His latest album, "Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards", was released back in October 2010, also via Epic Records. Last year marked the release of a new live album called "Satchurated: Live in Montreal". So are you looking forward to checking out the new record or what? And will you be seeing Satch on tour anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below.
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