Joey Jordison Describes His New Project as 'Post-Punk and Industrial Stuff' With 'Super Heavy and Brutal Guitars'

Slipknot drummer looking forward to unleash new material.

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After announcing his new project last month, Slipknot stickman Joey Jordison took some time to give further details regarding the latest studio work, describing it as "post-punk and industrial stuff" featuring some "super heavy and brutal guitars."

During a recent interview with Metal Hammer, the drummer said he's been working hard with the band featuring current and former members of Strapping Young Lad, Darkest Hour and Nine Inch Nails, as well as what he described as "an unknown guy on vocals."

"I'd been working on new Slipknot material since the end of the 'All Hope is Gone' tour cycle but I ended up with so much stuff I had to take a step back and stop working on it," Jordison said. "The time wasn't right. But I came up with a bunch of material that was really killer and heavy and started taking some of it in a different direction."

The drummer then gave a bit more specific details, saying, "I started focusing on a lot of the post-punk and industrial stuff that I've always loved and started putting super heavy and brutal guitars over the top of it. That's how it started. It's taken me a couple of years to get to this point, but I can honestly say this is the most satisfied I've ever been in the studio. I can't wait for everyone to hear this sh-t."

Finally, Jordison focused on the band lineup, saying that he specifically didn't want a singer from a well-established group in order to avoid the "supergroup thing."

"I've done the bulk of the work in the studio but now I've got Jed [Simon, Strapping Young Lad] and Kris [Norris, Darkest Hour] to play lead guitar on everything," he adds. "Chris [Vrenna, Nine Inch Nails] is doing the keyboards and synths and all that stuff and I have an unknown guy on vocals. His name's Henry and he's super talented and a great vocalist. I didn't want someone from a known band singing in this band, because then it just becomes some supergroup thing and thats not what this is."

Seeing that Slipknot are planning a major comeback in 2014, it seems like it's busy days ahead for Joey Jordison. In the words of frontman Corey Taylor, the group is in better places of their lives now, and "it's just starting to feel like it's time."

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    I think I'll actually check this out. I rather enjoyed the Murderdolls, and I mean if Jed Simon is involved then I suppose he has some hope in it.
    Joey is an awesome drummer, and I think his style will suit the kind of music he wants to do. As post-rock and industrial fan, I can't wait to hear it.
    Joey's rhythm guitar skills are something to look at too. He's written some good, ballsy riffs as well.
    "Joey Jordison Describes His New Project as 'Post-Punk and Industrial Stuff' With 'Super Heavy and Brutal Guitars' ". Should read, "Joey Jordison Describes His New Project as 'Sounding Like a Mix of Everything Else He Has Done' ". Not that it's a bad thing though.