Joey Jordison: 'I've Got So Much Material for Slipknot'

"It feels as if every day I'm coming up with so many riffs," the drummer says.

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Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison has been very busy with his Scar the Martyr side project these days, but is still piling up loads of riffs on the side. During a recent Stereoboard chat, the drummer expressed a positive stance and a genuine desire to constantly work on new music. "My love of music, man," he kicked off. "That's really it. It's a passion of mine, and y'know, I've just been sitting here in the back lounge humming riffs to new songs. My phone is filled with riffs. Y'know, I listen to all this stuff and go back to it. I sound like a moron, just listening to myself humming all these riffs, but it's just so I don't forget 'em! Then I sit there and I translate them onto guitar." Joey continued, "I've got so much material, like it feels as if every day I'm coming up with so many riffs. And even if it doesn't end up working, I can still use it for something else or save it for something else. I'm constantly writing music and keeping myself busy somehow." Slipknot have previously announced plans for a major 2014 comeback, with Shawn "Clown" Crahan recently commenting about writing some of the best music of his life. However, Jordison has also revealed that he is uncertain about the whole matter as he will likely spent most of 2014 on the road with Scat the Martyr.

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    That's right, you heard it here first ladies and gentleman. Joey Jordison has been spending too much time with his newly formed Jazz band 'Scat the Martyr'.
    Joey really is a pretty talented dude. People tend to just overlook him because they don't like the band, which is kind of annoying.
    I'm half tempted to say that "Scat the Martyr" was a deliberate typo.
    Honestly, next to Paul, Joey was and is the better writer in Slipknot. Corey is great, but I always got the feeling he took a back seat with Slipknot and only stood up in Stone Sour. Definitely interested in the next album, if a little too skeptical to be excited quite yet.
    If he has material which is as good as 'Prayer for Prey' or 'Whtie Nights in a Day Room', it's going to be great. STM was a good album imo, idc if it was too basic for some people, Joey did do a good job of it. Much more going on than Murderdolls, imo. Bring on the new (and long awaited for) Slipknot album!
    So all the shitty material went into STM then.
    Downvotes for this? Sorry Jordo, I guess the majority don't realize that 'scat' has another meaning. (I up-voted ya, though. Good stuff, man!)
    This article is about his coming up for guitar riffs for Scar the Martyr. It's not about Slipknot at all. I shouldn't have underestimated UG
    Can someone show me where he says anything about slipknot? The word is not even mentioned by him and UG "quote" him otherwise. Stop using misleading titles UG.
    "I'm always ready for Slipknot too. I've got so much Slipknot material, I started writing this a long time ago." There's links to the article for a reason...
    Whats the last thing a drummer says in a band? "Hey guys, why don't we try one of my songs?"
    Avenged Sevenfold did a lot! Especially on self titled and Nightmare. As a drummer, I know the misconception, but there a re drummers out there who do know their musical theory, and understand the basis of writing musical riffs. After the riff is written, it just has to be put onto guitar, and that's easy enough to do.