Joey Jordison Unveils Scar the Martyr as His New Project's Name

Slipknot drummer also announces fall release of the group's debut record.

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Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison has officially revealed Scar the Martyr as the name of his latest project, confirming that the group's still-unnamed debut record is due to drop during fall via Roadrunner Records.

As previously reported, the band Jordison gathered consist of former Strapping Young Lad axeman q, ex-Nine Inch Nails keyboardist Chris Vrenna, guitarist Kris Norris (formerly of the Darkest Hour) and singer Henry Derek, who the drummer has described as "an unknown guy on vocals."

As the official press release reads, the album was recorded at Iowa's Sound Farm Studios with Rhys Fulber (Fear Factory, Rob Zombie) at the helm of production. Apart from handling the drumming duties, Jordison also recorded all bass parts and most of the rhythm guitar sections.

Described as "post-punk and industrial stuff" with "super heavy and brutal guitars," the new songs were all written by Jordison and Derek.

"With this project, I focused my efforts on writing for the better of the song," the drummer said. "I wasn't worried about flash or persona ... It's all about writing a good solid song. I'm writing music that people can grasp and hold on to - something that resonates. If you don't have that, then you have nothing."

Jordison accompanied the official album announcement on his Facebook page with what might prove as the record's front cover. The band also posted a set of studio recording photos, you can check it out here.

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    I like the album cover. It's a bit strange, but it has style.
    Yeah I agree... But the music will stay shitty teenage metal as Periphery or Slipknot. I expect nothing for him
    Has anyone here seen the movie Begotten? Album cover reminds me of God in that movie big time.
    It's obviously a concept album about how Lion King's Scar is actually a martyr in the story.
    Scar the Martyr? Hopefully the name isn't an indicator of the group's musical value. Also, I really wonder how Joey Jordison can be in a group whose sound is described as "Post punk" or "industrial", maybe it is, maybe they're just incorrectly using those words. This is Roadrunner Records we're talking about here, I highly doubt it will be as different as he's trying to make it sound. However, good luck to good music.
    Who knows? Joey is a very talented guy and I love myself some Post-Punk so I'm actually rather looking forward to this. I sure hope they aren't just mislabeling themselves. What a ****ing terrible band name though...
    "the band Jordison gathered consist of former Strapping Young Lad axeman q" - I'm sorry,are MI6 in the business of hiring out their techies as guitarists now?
    That could explain the rise of BC Rich Warlocks. "007, I've been working on a new gadget for you. It looks like an ordinary heavy metal style guitar... just some wood and strings, right? Look closely and you'll see it actually contains a razor sharp sword at the headstock, 6 fiber wires disguised as guitar strings, and my personal favorite gadget, two volume pots that can be removed and used as grenades. Do try and take care of it this time, 007."
    Damn it Joey, call Wednesday 13 up and do a new Murderdolls record. Seriously though, why couldn't he and Wednesday 13 work together again on new Murderdolls with new influences. Quite a lot of bands do that
    They didn't let Norris write guitar parts? I hope that isn't an indicator of sub-par guitar work, because Kris Norris is awesome. I don't know if he joined after the material was written or not, but you don't keep a guy like that out of the writing process unless circumstances dictate it.
    Don't know what to make of it, I haven't liked anything Joey Jordison's been involved with since Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat, but he is a good drummer and this line up seems pretty solid. I'll give it a whirl when it comes out, as long as it doesn't sound like like Roadrunner Slipknot or friggin Murderdolls or anything. Also the name kinda really sucks. Is it a Martyr named Scar or the process of Scarring a Martyr? I'm hoping for the former personally, Scar's a pretty badass name.
    if it was a martyr named "scar," it'd be "Scar, the Martyr." Punctuation, man. Please don't eat grandma.
    The only reason I was interested was Kris Norris and now he says he didn't even write anything. Consider me disinterested.
    I always like to start the day on a laugh =D
    I honestly can't see what is there to laugh at. All the band members are outstanding at their instruments and they are working with a good producer. Also, "industrial stuff" should suit them pretty well, especially Jordison and Vrenna.
    Yep. Outstanding. When I saw them live, I really appreciated the outstanding array of talent it took a fat clown to stand there for an hour smashing a giant tine can with a stick. Brilliant. oh and this trigger twat has been irrelevant since that wednesday 13 SHIT. Ah well, enjoy
    Sleaze Disease
    I don't have any problems with Joey or anything, but honestly, when a band uses the term "super heavy and brutal guitars", it's an instant turn-off. Everybody claims it, as if being ultra-heavy and brutal is the be-all-end-all of music/metal; it's so cliche and, frankly, boring.
    what happened to music dam people use to play some chords not all these same down tuned crap.
    im looking foward to this album about as much as i'm looking foward to arthritis and old age, and whats with the clown mask anyway
    After years in music business, Jordison figures it's good to focus efforts on writing for the better of a song. Oh well... better late than never.
    All I can say is it'll probably be fairly good, I mean he's had a few years to work at it, same reason Stone Sour has released three albums since All Hope is Gone.