John Frusciante Enter 'Solo X'

date: 06/07/2007 category: new releases
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John Frusciante Enter 'Solo X'
This is the tenth solo recording of John Frusciante, written and recorded during 2005-2007. John has made the statement that 17 songs were considered for this album, and at least 14 will be included. This record will be more extensively produced as with his earlier record, Shadows Collide With People. Josh Klinghoffer will play drums throughout. This record will seemingly be the fitting sequel to Curtains, released by Frusciante in early 2005, the final of his 6 albums in 6 months series. This album supposedly will be acoustic-based, while implementing a classical feel to the songs. This implies that either John or Josh will be playing piano more heavily on this collection. Frusciante's tenth solo disc is highly anticipated due to the lack of releases since his high creative output in 2004. Lyrics from this album were inscribed on the Curtains vinyl. They are "this whole circle stands stamp where you stand," and "a million ways things could be." Find more at Wikipedia article here.
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