John Lydon Reveals Details About New PiL Album

John Lydon has revealed that the title of the new Public Image Ltd album will likely be, simply, "This Is PiL".

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John Lydon has revealed that the title of the new Public Image Ltd album will likely be, simply, "This Is PiL".

Speaking to BBC 6 Music, Lydon said lack of financing has been the main hindrance in releasing new PiL material. "I was always full of ideas, but I had to wait until I had enough money to release an album," Lydon explained. "Everybody thinks I made such a fortune with the Sex Pistols. Well, unfortunately that is not true. To make this record we had to tour extensively for two years."

Lydon added that he and his PiL bandmates knew, as soon as the reconvened in 2009, that they would eventually record a new album. He characterized the songs on the new disc as "emotional", and said the title reflects "all the work, effort and energy we put into this record." PiL's last studio album was 1992's "That What Is Not". The new album is tentatively slated for release in the spring of 2012.

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    Well I can't wait I love Nevermind The Bollocks and what it stands for and the influence it had but in the words of Henry Rollins PiL was and has always been infinitely more interesting unnerving, edgy and career defining for Lydon, everyone goes on about the butter adverts but without that this album would probably still be on the backburner so I'm glad Lydon can make some money from his celebrity as no record label would invest in this sadly another point on the butter endorsing, he doesn't need to eat crumpets on stage or defend the product he was just lending his image and personality for a 20 second commercial I'd rather see him goofing around during an ad break than Kerry Katona whom would just spend the money on cocaine.
    Nice.. a new PIL album... Should be good... BUT I WANT A SEX PISTOLS ALBUM!!! Dammit Johnny... Show us that ya still got it and give the real punk rock that we waited for, for soo long.
    Hungry_Hameds wrote: should be called "I'm a sellout"... I assume the album is endorsed by country life butter?
    You're right, we should all do things that seem commercially cool to finance our passion to make music that we want.
    I can not tell you how much I am looking forward to this. I don't care how much people on this website bash John Lydon. He is an icon.