Johnny Cash Actor Makes The Most Of Charlatans Download

artist: Johnny Cash date: 03/05/2008 category: upcoming releases

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The Charlatans have founds a new fan with their new download-for-free album. The band are currently let fans have the record via XFM's website, and among those taking advantage of the giveaway has been actor Joaquin Phoenix. The star of 'Gladiator' who played Johnny Cash in the 2005 biopic 'Walk The Line', downloaded the album March 3 and has spoken of his love for 'You Cross My Path'. "Holy fucking shit, The Charlatans record is mega, he declared. A real beauty. I can't wait to see it live." Fans can also order a deluxe hard copy of the album if they buy a ticket for the band's forthcoming UK tour. See for more details. Tour dates are as follows: 05/10 - Leicester University 05/11 - Liverpool Carling Academy 05/12 - Oxford Carling Academy 05/13 - Bristol Carling Academy 05/15 - London Forum 05/16 - Southampton Guildhall 05/17 - Lincoln Engine Shed 05/20 - Glasgow Carling Academy 05/22 - Newcastle Carling Academy 05/23 - Sheffield Carling Academy 05/24 - Manchester University Thanks for the info to
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