Jordan Rudess on 'Dream Theater:' 'This Is What We're All About'

Keyboardist talks new album and Mike Mangini in new interview.

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Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess has been speaking to Phil Simon (via Blabbermouth) about the band's upcoming self titled album, which is due for release on September 24th. In the interview, the keyboardist reflects on the decision to self-title the record, and on what drummer Mike Mangini has brought to the process:

"Basically, it's because of this. We came into this album at an interesting point in our career. With the last album Mike Mangini had just started with us and everything was new ... I think the last album was really great, but the one thing that didn't happen is we didn't have Mangini's full energy involved in the making of that album.

"He came in after we composed it and did a great job playing drums to it and interpreting what we'd played and fleshing out the composition. That was great. But on this album, after a whole year of touring with this guy, he was totally there. His personality was totally on.

"It ended up being that we all feel that this is an amazing time in Dream Theater's career. We've put together music that we feel that we can put the Dream Theater stamp of approval on. This is Dream Theater. This is what we're all about. It's a combination of all the stylistic things we love to do that we feel represent Dream Theater."

Former band's drummer and founding member Mike Portnoy announced earlier this week that the and the band were beginning to make amends. While singer James LaBrie has previously called him "a drummer from the past," Portnoy notes that he has been in friendly conversation with both Jordan Rudess and John Petrucci.

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    I love dream theater, and the single was cool; but i hope its that crowd-friendly single thing, and the rest of the album is more "Them"
    "Portnoy notes that he has been in friendly conversation with both Jordan Rudess and John Petrucci." Can you say, "Liquid Tension Experiment Reunion?" XD
    If I ever built a time machine, it would be purely for situations like this... I don't wana F-up history, I just want new DT on demand...