Jordan Rudess: 'Things Are Really Intense in Dream Theater Land'

artist: Dream Theater date: 05/08/2013 category: new releases
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Jordan Rudess: 'Things Are Really Intense in Dream Theater Land'
With plans for a new album release during the summer and a fresh new input from drummer Mike Mangini, things seem to be cooking up quite well among the Dream Theater ranks. Keyboardist Jordan Rudess recently gave an update on how the recording process is developing, describing the situation as intense and praising Mangini's "super math brain" along the way. "Things are really kind of intense in Dream Theater land," Rudess tells the Artisan News. "We've made our way through the album process to a good point now. We're still finishing up, I'm doing some keyboard stuff, it's intense, it's definitely a strong process." When asked on whether the contributions from the new drummer have changed the way Dream Theater operates, Rudess admitted they most definitely have, seeing that the upcoming release is the group's first record to have Mangini fully involved in the writing process. "This is the first album where Mike Mangini has been there and really a part of the writing process. He's such a sweet guy, he has so much energy and it's just great to have that energy involved when we're writing the music because he'll come up with stuff that's really cool. "He offers this other perspective which we've never had in the same way that we have it with him, which is that he has a super math brain, a rhythmic math brain. He's really an expert in that field, more so than myself or John Petrucci or anybody in the band." New album's release details are yet to be announced. The latest prog giants' record, "A Dramatic Turn of Events," came out in September 2011 as the group's 11th studio effort. Released through Roadrunner Records, it managed to attain No. 8 position on the Billboard 200 chart.
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