Josh Homme: 'Dave Grohl Makes Good Music Great'

The QOTSA frontman talked about his relationship with Dave Grohl, and revealed more about his trouble writing the new album "Like Clockwork."

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Josh Homme has talked about his working relationship with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl in his recent interview with BBC Radio 1.

Grohl plays drums on Homme's new Queens of the Stone Age album "Like Clockwork", having done the same on their 2002 record "Songs For The Deaf." They also form 2/3 of the Them Crooked Vultures lineup alongside Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. "I have a special relationship with Dave," Homme told Zane Lowe (via NME). "I've known him since I was 19. He makes something good, great. If something's mediocre he makes it great."

It seems Homme called on old friends like Grohl to help with his new QOTSA album when it apparantly became one of the most difficult to write in his career. The album was originally scheduled for completion in 2011, but reports suggest it's been a roller coaster of drama for the band. In the interview, Homme confirmed that "Like Clockwork" was hard to face up to at some points.

"Every once in a whiles this process is difficult," Homme said. "It was a tough time and I thought I can run away from this or I can run into it."

Homme also talked about his relationship with Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner, who is his motorcycle riding partner and is among the star-studded guest lineup on the new album. Homme produced Arctic Monkeys' 2009 album "Humbug" and revealed that he once called on Turner for inspiration which led to a new song:

"I called him one day a few years ago, when I was first starting to think about the possibility of getting to make a record, and said 'hey man, give me a good line.' He hit be back and he was like 'kalopsia,' and I said 'kalopsia, what the hell's that?' and he said 'it's a condition where everything seems more beautiful than it actually is.'"

"Like Clockwork" will be released on June 3 on Matador Records.

Hear the new song "My God Is The Sun" by Queens of the Stone Age here:

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    Im hoping this album is Songs for the deaf 2. I mean just look at that cover; it channels that album!
    I'm also feeling a dark vibe similar to Lullabies To Paralyze, and I'll be happy if they sound like either of those albums
    same here and i totally agree. this new song has grown on me so much in the past day or two
    im hoping this, but it probably will be just another good album. if its another songs for the deaf though, youll hear no one complain about it
    Josh Homme is a reincarnated Elvis Presley.
    Never thought I could say this in a non-disrespectful way, but... Well, no shit, Sherlock!
    Sleeping in
    I have a feeling this may be remembered as one of the greatest rock albums of our era.
    That's certainly the impression they give... but then, that's what Metallica and Lou Reed said before Lulu came out.
    Ok people are sick of hearing about Dave Grohl, fantastic. This article also discusses the confessions and experiences in brief of Josh Homme, one of the best rock songwriters out there. I like hearing snippets from both of these guys. They're interesting people, talented, and are always good for a few enticing quotes to brighten up one's day while sitting in a cubicle.
    Enough of this Dave Grohl shit already.. we get it - he's great, saving the rock music, whatever.. but has to be in every other post here?
    there's so much news about Dave Grohl because he's one of few good rock musicians who is still out there, and in his heyday. and people like him because he's such a nice, funny and cool guy.
    Well the article IS about Homme discussing working with Grohl, so it would be stupid to not put his name in the title.
    Well, this article is for QOTSA's new album, but I'll post Dave Grohl's picture especially for you, I promise
    "Dave Grohl makes good music great!" It sounds like the tagline for some product. Josh Homme could do the infomercial. "See here. We've got this Queens of the Stone Age song without any drums in it. Sounds like shit, right? Now let's add some Dave Grohl. And presto! You've got yourself a great ****in' stoner rock jam!"
    Still wishing he'd get back with Kyuss sometime, I love QOTSA, but Kyuss is like the best summertime music ever.
    whos the dumb**** author of this article. apparently is mispelled
    Your Mistakes: 1- **Who's** "Who is the dumb....." 2- You should've ended your first sentence with a question mark. (?) 3- "Apparently" should have a capitalized/uppercase "A". 4- "Mispelled" is misspelled. How ironic. 5- Second sentence should have ended with a period. Learn to proofread YOUR work before you decide to be an ass-hat about someone else's.
    Haha. Wow! 5 grammar mistakes in 2 sentences which are chastising someone's poor grammar. I don't know you bassbomb. You may be a cool guy(gal?), but today just wasn't your day.
    There's no mention of Joey, remember he also contributed! UG you biased barstards
    The dude on the cd cover reminds me of the guys from the "go with the flow" video, the skull masks that is