Josh Homme: 'Dave Grohl's Ideas Start as a Joke'

Can you guess who Homme says is the most talented songwriter out there?

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Josh Homme says most of Dave Grohl's musical ideas start out as a joke - then become a reality when Homme insists they hit record.

He was talking to BBC 6 Music about the various high-profile collaborators on Queens of the Stone Age's new album "... Like Clockwork" which includes Elton John, Alex Turner, Trent Reznor and others when he said this about Grohl:

"We laugh the whole time. Dave will play something as a joke that's ridiculous, something shouldn't be put in the song. And just to make it funny, I'll take it and say 'No no no, you're going to do that exact thing, but for a minute and a half ... musically that translates really well sometimes."

Homme also said that Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys who appears on the album is "one of the most talented songwriters and lyric writers that is out there," and that Elton John was "really excited" to be working on a QOTSA album - so much so that he came back. "He was like, 'I want to come back and sing,'" said Homme.

Former QOTSA bassist Nick Oliveri also appears on the new album. In the interview, Homme explains how their reunion came about:

"Nick and I parted way eight years ago, but three mnths after we parted we were seeing each other socially because we're friends. I think that's what people couldn't understand," said Homme. "He made his record at my studio and he wanted to drop off some vinyl and he jokingly said 'do you need any background vocals?' And I said 'actually, I do...'"

The album "Like Clockwork" is due out on June 3 on Matador Records.

Hear Josh Homme talk about his collaborators on this BBC 6 Music interview:

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    I know everyone really likes Dave Grohl and though I'm not a big Foo Fighters fan I really respect the guy, but I am REALLY tired of seeing him in the news section every three or four days ESPECIALLY in the titles. Why wasn't the title that Alex Turner is one of the most talented writers? I don't hear a lot from him so it would be more interesting. But most of the times it's not really news but just people saying something about someone. I would like to read more about new album releases, Chi Cheng passing away or Wolfmother splitting. (And OF COURSE I mean that I don't like Chi Cheng passing away but I'm talking about the gravity of the news in case you were confused)
    I'm glad Dave's having fun nowadays, seems to me Cobain kind of stifled him. Cobain once commented on Grohl's "metronome drumming"... and that appeared in Grohl's song Alone+Easy Target where he retorts, "metronome?! I want out, I'm alone and I'm an easy target". Listen to Dave Grohl's Pocketwatch album, some of the drumming on that blows anything he played with NIRVANA to kingdom come. Also when NIRVANA did new songs on the fly in concert, the stuff Dave came up with was exceedingly interesting, but then Kurt made him metronome it for the official versions of songs. Look at how Kurt was giving him crap on MTV Unplugged to the point where Dave was like, "should I just not drum AT ALL?". Kurt MAJORLY fuked up by not utilizing Grohl's songs and doing a kind of Beatlesque A/B singer/songwriter partnership in NIRVANA. It could have saved the band and taken pressure off Cobain and he might still be alive. And I'll say it again, the best songs Grohl ever wrote, save a few, were written while he was in NIRVANA. But anyway seems he is making up for it now, and he's become the luckiest man in rock history.
    Nirvana is one of my favorite all-time bands, but only an idiot would think that Nirvana didn't stifle Dave Grohl's talent and creativity. Kurt Cobain never would've been able to play "The Pretender," with all due respect.
    ahahah funny ... Dave has his style ... foo fighters don't sound like nirvana at all ... Nirvana was Kurt Cobain ... Grohl wanted to be more influent ... Kurt had his idea and thanks he made what he wants ... i love the drummer Grohl but the singer, the song writter ... i can't ... a few songs is ok ... but he should stay behind drums ... i think Kurt was about to quit Nirvana because of Grohl... he wanted to be free... but death have come ... maybe grohl was better technicaly but he will never be an half of the songwritter Cobain was
    You people really need to relax with the comparisons between Dave Grohl and Jesus. One is the absolute truth and lord of all things great... the other is the son of God.
    Josh Homme and Dave Grohl is ine one of the best partnerships in rock history. They have terrific chemistry.
    Well, that ain't a surprise, it's fairly obvious that Alex Turner is the best lyricist out there