Josh Homme: New Queens Of The Stone Age Album 'Sounds Like Running In A Dream'

Band continues working with Dave Grohl on new studio album.

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Josh Homme has said that the songs he has recorded with Dave Grohl for the new Queens Of The Stone Age album "sound like running in a dream".

The frontman, who recruited Grohl to play drums on the album after Joey Castillo left the band, was speaking to Zane Lowe as part of an interview broadcast on Radio 1 this week and opened up on how the new album sessions are going. Speaking to the DJ, Homme said: "I think this record is a little more lyrically vulnerable, but I also think it's sort of musically deeper and richer, and it's a little bit stranger."

Homme later added that there are "a lot of struggles going on", with the recording but that: "This record basically sounds like you're running in a dream the whole time."

Dave Grohl has a long standing relationship with Homme and famously filled in as drummer when the band recorded their 2002 album 'Songs For The Deaf'. Speaking about the reunion earlier this year, Homme said: "[Grohl] and I have this wonderful musical relationship which we don't have with other people. It's a very cool and comfortable position."

It has also been confirmed that both Trent Reznor and former bassist Nick Oliveri has been recording with the band ahead of their new album release.

Queens Of The Stone Age previously revealed (via NME) that they will be playing Download Festival for the first ever time next summer. Download Festival will take place from June 14-16 2013 at Donington Park.

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    I am nothing but hyped for this album. It's gonna be ace !
    Damn new QOTSA news all the time!!! keep us updated but dnt make me too anxious haha.
    the last two articles are friom the same interview. i guess UG wanted to stretch this out. Tommorows Headline: Dave Says Queens are his favorite and craziest band of alltime.
    I just really hope this thing is good...they've hyped it up so it has to live up to all the hype
    This is starting to sound like Songs for the Deaf era again which I personally think was the best. I didn't think it was possible for them to all get together like they were in 2002!
    Agreed. I actually like the quirky vibe from Rated R a lot more song-wise. But you can't argue that the ensemble of Homme, Oliveri, Grohl and Lanegan wasn't their best. This sounds like a mix of the two. Pretty tough to contain my excitement for it.