Josh Homme: Why There Are No Guest Appearances on the New QOTSA Album

"If you just hang with that same thing you become a parody of yourself."

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Josh Homme: Why There Are No Guest Appearances on the New QOTSA Album

Frontman Josh Homme was asked by NME on why QOTSA's upcoming album "Villains" features zero guest appearances, to which he replied:

"One of the coolest parts about all this is being able to pop up like a Whack-a-Mole in the spot that you don't expect it. So whack away.

"We're fortunate enough to have a sound that's our own but on the seventh record if you just hang with that same thing you become a parody of yourself, like a cartoon character.

"I think what was most important to me was that we hold on to what's important and let everything else go, because you can really only control one thing and that’s letting go.

"It just felt like, 'Who are we now?' And finding that was what it felt like we needed to do on our seventh record - Jesus, that's a lot of fricking records.

"The first thing you ask yourself is, 'It's your seventh record - who cares?!' When you're making it you need to find that reason for yourself."

"Villains" is due out on August 25, you can check out "The Way You Used to Do" lead single below.

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    The promo video for this on YouTube where he's hooked up to a polygraph had me laughing pretty hard. His sense of humour is very underrated.
    Yeah, he's a master of subtlety. Like Wes Anderson's comedy, it goes over a lot of heads. Homme's 'Secrets of the Sound' was good too.
     Look no further than the new Gorillaz album and you will see a record that has so many guest musicians it doesnt even sound like Gorillaz at all. 
    Gorillaz has become annoying since plastic beach. 
    Yeah Plastic Beach was their last good album and it's my personal favorite. Everything after has been really inconsistent. You would think Damon sound more inspired considering he took an over 6 year break from the Gorillaz and released a decent solo album and a good comeback with Blur.
    Who the fuck is "our"? And why does he keep using words like "us", "we", etc? Queen of the Stone Age is a solo act, not a band. A band has multiple songwriters and equity partners, not hired guns backing up a guy coasting off the money he made from a band he won't allow to exist without him.
    Do some research before you spew bullshit out your mouth.  Troy's been in the band since '02 and both Dean and Michael joined in '07 after the tragic death of Natasha Shneider, with Dean replacing Natasha and Michael replacing that woman beating piece of shit Nick Oliveri (though technically long-time contributor and friend of the band Alain Johannes was the bassist from '05 to '07, but that was really just temporary until a full-time replacement could be found.)
    Basically the band has been Josh, Troy, Dean and Michael for 10 years now, only recently gaining a new member after Joey (who joined after Songs For The Deaf, filling in for Davey GROWL since ya know... he's Dave fucking Grohl..) moved on to other projects.
    I don't think Kyuss made much of any money. Even if popularity was equal to money, they were never really that popular.
    ummmmm, what the fuck is he trying to say? with out Grohls rub on Songs for the Deaf who knows where qotsa is today