Judas Priest Complete Writing New Album: 'Fans Will Be Thrilled'

"We know we have a reputation to maintain," says frontman Rob Halford.

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Judas Priest are ready to hit the recording studio, having completed all writing for the successor to 2008's "Nostradamus."

"The writing process is complete," Rob Halford told Billboard. "Now it's the painstaking work of making sure that you get every single note, every single nuance of the vocal, every tiny aspect...right. We're still tracking (instruments). It's just a very laborious but enjoyable part of making the record."

Describing the new sound, Halford says it lives up to their name as one of metal's greatest bands.

"[It's] hard. It's heavy. It's something we think our Priest fans will be thrilled with," he said. "We know we have a reputation to maintain, and we know we have to deliver something really strong and solid. The album is going to be full of all the great things you love about Judas Priest - I don't think I can say anything more than that without being hung, drawn and quartered."

As previously reported, Judas Priest will be hosting an exclusive Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp next year in Las Vegas from February 27 to March 3. Despite the initial reports of the new record dropping by 2014, metal fans will have to hold on for just a bit longer.

What are your hopes for the new Judas Priest album? Let us know in the comments.

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    My hopes are it'll be similar to Painkiller
    I doubt they'll do another album similar to Painkiller. Angel of Retribution had some Painkiller-esque moments, but singing like that has gotta be hard on Rob's voice, and he probably acknowledges that. I'll be happy with an album like AOR if it's even ballsier and heavier.
    You know, they have a lot more records other than Painkiller.
    Other good records such as hmm, I don't know. All of them? Except the Ripper stuff. But my favorite stuff is Stained Class, Screaming for Vengeance, Defenders of the Faith, and British Steel.
    exactly some incredible stuff! love SFV, dont like ripper stuff either, Rob's the only vocalist for Priest \m/
    link no1
    Yea they have that really unknown, barely played one...what was it? Oh, British steel! God I hope it sounds nothing like that album...
    Priest is one of my top favorite bands, I'm pretty sure they will be delivering the goods in this next album
    I have nothing but respect for Rob Halford. He's an old-school musician with a huge amount of love and respect for his fans, which is totally awesome.
    Really interested in what Richie can pull off in writing for this, and in his own solos.
    Saw them in 2008 at Download, touring for Nostradamus and I have to say I was blown way by how much stage presence and energy they still had, without compromising any musicianship. I have no doubts for this album, as I sometimes do for older bands releasing records.
    I just want a mix of road-driving speedmetal, soaring epics ala bloodred skies/victim/beyond, and a fun rock and roll song or two. I hope they give up trying to be "heavier than heavy". Snd no CGI cover art please. But I have faith in the Priest.
    I saw somewhere that Rob said the album will be something between Painkiller and British Steel. Don't know how a mixture of those two can turn out since they were quite different sounds, but both great albums, so we'll see! I certainly have faith that the Priest will release some killer stuff, no matter the style \m/ >.< \m/
    I'm a big fan of Priest, and I know that British Steel put them on the worldwide light but I find that album pretty overrated I liked the not so popular tracks of that album like The Rage, Steeler and Grinder
    I don't care what album the sound is closest to, as long as the songs are good. So many times an older band releases a new album and it's stylistically similar to their older stuff but the songs just aren't up to par.
    A mix of defenders, painkiller, and staoned class would be killer.
    If they go like this for elements it will be the greatest unbeatable record of all time. Painkiller + Ram It down + AOR = Solos and tone Defenders + (Jagulator)= Epic rhthm and breakdowns Stained Class + Sin after Sin + Sad wings of Destiny =lyrics Screaming for vengeance = Robs Vocals Point of entry - Melodies Killing machine - Looks and stage presence Rocka Rolla - Bass lines Nostradamus - Epic-ness P.S. - It's just my opinion.
    As long as they don't make a new album in the way black sabbath did(take all their old stuff and mess around with it). It will be amazing.
    im hoping he sings in his lower voice. halford's a great singer but i dont really like the high pitched stuff, almost ruined painkiller imo
    All i can say to that is....TWIIIISTING THE STRANGLE GRIP WON'T GIVE NO MERCY....
    I would love a mix of Sad Wings of Destiny, Screaming for Vengeance, and Defenders with just a Touch of Class, Ram it Down and Hell Bent for Leather. That is setting the bar high!
    I hope they have some sick driving songs and seek a return to their roots in British Steel, Stained, Point of Entry, etc. I kinda lost interest in them once they turned into over the top metal. I'm a huge fan and have like 40 or so songs by them on my ipod...but I gotta say Painkiller the music video is extremely and unintentionally funny :p
    priest is my favorite metal band of all time and 2nd fav band of all time (van halen is #1 baby!) angel of retribution was one the best comeback records ever made but Nostradamus was pretty weak. it had some good tunes but the rest was filler. i just hope its more straightforward and to the point metal like their other albums
    Its truly amazing what that a bunch of 60 year old old school metal-heads can do musically. The Priest never disappoints!
    I would like to mix the following: StainedClass & SinAfterSin: vocals BritishSteel & ScreamingForVengeance: riffs DefendersOfTheFaith: solos, variety and good lyrics RamItDown & Painkiller: power AngelOfRetribution & Nostradamus: quality of sound Turbo & PointOfEntry: glam & funny tones at least in one of the songs xD and 2011's stage presence I prefer a no-progressive, old-style, short-songs album than something similar to AOR or Nostradamus... hope they go back to the 70's and record songs like Sinner, DreamerDeceiver, DissidentAggressor or WhiteHeatRedHot