Judas Priest Tease New Album, Single Coming Soon

"Check back every day as we reveal more," metal gods say.

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Metal gods Judas Priest have begun unveiling fresh bits and pieces regarding their upcoming album, kicking off with a mysterious artwork.

Apart from the dark image, the band also shared a major announcement - new single coming soon. "The wait is almost over!" the official post reads. "Only a few more hours until we reveal a track from our new album!"

The group is also inviting fans to check their website on a daily basis for new updates.

Last month, singer Rob Halford confirmed that the new record is "absolutely finished" and should be released in the near future. "The record is finished; it's absolutely finished as of today," he told Artisan News. "It's a relief. It's a relief because whenever Priest makes an album, like any band, you put your heart and soul into it; it is that typical 'blood, sweat and tears.'"

The band's latest studio effort, "Nostradamus," saw its release in June 2008 via Epic Records.

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    Ugh I was waiting for a killer halford scream at the end. It just kept building and building but didn't deliver (the goods)
    I don't think he can anymore, he seems to struggle with stuff like Painkiller now. With that said, he does give it his all when he tries, maybe he's saving "the goods" for the rest of the album?
    He still can, not as clean as before but check his latest performances of Victim of Changes
    The amount of chorus on the guitar is absurd. It's the only bad thing about it, the guitars get less crunchy because of it.