Karen O: 'Where Has Rock's Sexuality Gone?'

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer promises to bring the gnarl back to rock with their new album - hear a preview song here.

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The Yeah Yeah Yeahs promise to bring charisma and sexuality "back into the fray" with their new album "Mosquito". You can hear the sample track "Sacrilege" below.

Singer Karen O misses the gnarl and energy of the early-2000s music scene when her band started out, according to a new interview in Billboard.

"I miss the bands that were around when we first started out. When we came up, there was The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and The Make-Up," she said. "Where has all the charisma and the sexuality and the gnarl gone? This album is about bringing that back into the fray."

Karen also revealed that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs almost imploded while making their second album, 2006's "Show Your Bones", where she almost quit.

"It crossed my mind a lot of times," she said. "But I felt like I had to finish the record, even though it was really difficult and we were going through intense hardship. Nick and I were on really bad terms. We were forced to support the record, and we had to be around each other a lot at the shows, on the bus."

The new album "Mosquito" has been produced by TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek and Nick Launay. Listen to the preview song "Sacrilege":

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    Away, because sexuality in rock is exaggerated, needless and sometimes even bordering on pretentious.
    Karen lacks a lot of the features you'd see on a horny teen's list of definitions for the ideal woman, but she's got the charisma, personality and exudes so much sexuality she could do me whatever she wants. Roughly.
    I would slam her more times than a taxi door.
    um it's called shitty mainstream sellout rock. Theory Of A Deadman is one, Nickelback is another....