Ke$ha's Album Will 'Ressurect' Rock

artist: Ke$Ha date: 01/04/2012 category: new releases
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Ke$ha's Album Will 'Ressurect' Rock
Ke$ha claims she will "resurrect" rock with her new album. "People say that rock and roll is dead, and it is my mission and my goal to resurrect it in the form of my pop music," she told MTV News "That's the goal. We'll see what happens." A foray into the rock world for the pop singer seemed inevitable after a run of rock-related stories through 2011. In May, she claimed to be obsessed with rock n' roll, and later joined Alice Cooper on stage for the second time to perform "School's Out." "I've been pretty much in this 70's rock and roll kick and I want to capture some of the true essence of what rock and roll is, and that's just irreverence and sexiness and fun and not giving a f--k, so we'll definitely put a bit of rock and roll in it," she said in May. She added that there may be some collaborations with her rock heroes, though the official tracklisting is yet to be confirmed. Ke$ha is not the only pop princess to have made steps towards the world of rock. Lady Gaga has also been snapped backstage alongside Iron Maiden, later claiming that the band changed her life. It's almost as if the pop industry saw U2's record-smashing 360 tour revenue and decided to arrange a concerted move towards live rock performances so they can get a slice of the pie. Cynical? Perhaps, but you might say that the signs are pointing towards a rocking 2012, both on and off the charts.
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